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  1. You may proceed with projectile vomiting, I won’t be offended. XD
  2. I guess you feel that when a team signs a free agent then they should also receive a compensatory pick instead of the team that lost the player, right? Because that’s the logic you’re making. And it helps the Rooney Rule because it encourages organizations to hire and groom minorities in their front office to ultimately hold the title of GM. If teams that hired the minority candidate would get compensatory picks, you’d have teams hiring every minority they can to a title while someone else higher up pulls all the strings (like Jerry Jones, Bill Belichick, ect), undermining the entire
  3. I agree, I don’t understand why the NFL thinks that the way to solve workplace discrimination is by... league-sanctioned workplace discrimination. I think if you lose any long-tenured member regardless of ethnicity of your front office hierarchy (at least 5+ years) to a promotion at a different team then some form of compensation should be granted. Maybe not two 3rd round picks, maybe one or multiple 4ths, ect. But hey, I’ll take it how it is currently (at least this year). Show me the picks! Ayeeee! Now we’re talking. You know what kind of cap magic Loomis can work with tha
  4. I post here, on Pewter Report, the Falcons official board, and various other NFL boards in addition to my home Saints board. And I commented since it’s Saints related. And well it’s not as much of “a leap” when you’re hiring long tenured and highly respected guys from another organization. If anyone made a leap, it was that organization that actually took a chance employing that candidate in the first place and supplying them the opportunity to cut their teeth in the league; hence why that’s the organization that is rewarded the picks. These teams picking from the fruits of another t
  5. So we shouldn’t be rewarded for not only providing an opportunity to that minority employee in the first place but grooming him all the way up the front office hierarchy only for some sorry *** team to come and pick from the fruits of our labor AND be rewarded for something we did? Tf outta here. LOLOL. If they need to come pick from our front office/coaching staff to fill their vacancy/vacancies, then why should they be rewarded for their failure to groom their own candidates, regardless of their ethnicity? Honestly, screw two compensatory 3rds, we should get a compensatory 3rd thi
  6. LMAO, that seriously can’t be the strongest argument you can provide, can it? If it is then you’re better off letting one of the more established posters here comment for you. LOLOL, I wish the poo reaction here wasn’t a bad thing because it’d be more than appropriate for all the comments in this discussion.
  7. Sounds like a prime marketing opportunity for Depends. Thankfully we’ll be in all-black so it won’t be noticeable.
  8. LMAO, child please. Have you watched any of our games this year besides when we played y’all? We’ve been flagged the 8th most in the league (102 penalties) for the 2nd most penalty yards (1,025 yards; only behind the Jaguars) while our opponents have been flagged the fewest (73 penalties) for the fewest penalty yards (567 yards). If anyone is being helped along the way it’s Brady. Buccaneers opponents have been flagged the 10th most (97 penalties) for the most yardage (1,040 yards) in the league. I’ll be the first to admit when we get gifted a call but until then the proof is in
  9. You must’ve seen me on Jean Friday, huh?
  10. LOLOL, well I got all the features here
  11. Looks pretty damn good. At least it’s not like what happened on the Buccaneers board a few months ago. They “updated“ Pewter Report and Jesus H. Christ it’s nearly unreadable. Each thread is 1 page now, regardless of how many posts are in it. 500+ posts? 1 page. Absolute cluster****.
  12. They should trade him to us next off season. Just imagine Payton and Watson...
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