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  1. no its not. That total score is a product of both run blocking and pass blocking and it's very possible they have all given up at least one pressure and still be ranked that high.
  2. they didn't declare that the giants had a poor run offense. They stated that the unit (o-line) had a poor day run blocking, which is pretty much in line with what Espn said based on win rate percentage. You can have a great run offense with out your o-line playing great. Example: Offesinve lineman gets bulldozed but the running back breaks the tackle and runs for 65 yards. Thats a bad grade for the O-line but good grade for the running back.
  3. Good thing we didn’t trade down. People were convinced by staying put you were guaranteed of getting an elite player.
  4. ???? I never said stat are more important than record. I just amuse me when fans create these false narratives that just aren't backed up by facts. To listen to you we have one of the worst run defenses in the league, which just isn't true. They might be bad to your made-up standard but relative to the rest of the league they are not. Nobody is saying anything about record, we are just discussing how decent one unit of your football team is, that is what people do on fan forums.
  5. Who you are playing is important. Also, down and distance is important. Giving up 5yrds rushing on 1st and 10 is worse than giving up 5yrds on 3rd and 15. On 3rd and 15 you will happily give up 5yrds on the ground, any team would. Football Outsiders actually tried to quantify that with their DVOA stat. It's basically a measure of your results relative to expected results. "not being able to stop it when we knew it was coming" is another artificial metric that fans create and apply in a vacuum. There are probably 20 different fan bases saying the same thing about their team. Here again, compared to the rest of the league what are you basing this on? We were 18th in TDs allowed rushing. 15th in 1st downs allowed. Percentage wise we were actually 7th. 2021 NFL defense rushing stats by Team | NFL.com I think we can all agree our run defense wasn't elite. No reasonable person is saying it was 2nd best because of yards given up. Maybe it isn't as good as some made up standard that some fan creates, and only applies to one team, but relative to the rest of the league our rush defense was by most reasonable standards a middle third ranked defense, not near as bad as some of the people around here want to claim.
  6. So, if a team scored the 8th most points in the league but they were losing games you would say they had one of the worst offenses in the league? That is comical. When in doubt hide behind the "winning and losing card". I do agree that at the end of the day winning and losing is all that matters but it is possible to evaluate parts of the team independent of that. Fact is we were close to average in yards allowed rushing per game, 18th. 2021 NFL Opposition & Defensive Statistics | Pro-Football-Reference.com but we were actually 8th in yards per attempt 2021 NFL Opposition & Defensive Statistics | Pro-Football-Reference.com Here again, no where near as bad as some around here would have you believe.
  7. Good and bad are relative terms, so unless you are watching every game of every team your "eye test" is incomplete. All you are doing is comparing them to an artificial standard that is being applied in a vacuum. Answer this, If a team is one of the top 10 teams in the league vs the run are they really that bad???? At the very least you have to admit they aren't one of the worst like some would have you believe.
  8. I don't remember saying we had a good run defense. My point is that relative to the rest of the league we were not as bad as some around here would have you believe. Compared to the rest of the league where do you think our run defense ranks?
  9. You just started an entire thread based on stats posted by Ellis. That doesn't seem to fit the narrative that we have one of the worst run defenses in the league like some around here would claim.
  10. I'm curious to what our defensive rank vs the run was in total last year?
  11. Those measurables are 1st round measurables, the fact he fell to the 4th tells you that the tape has a lot left to be desired. The question becomes can the coaches coach him up, or at the very least put him in roles that play to his strength and/or minimize his weaknesses.
  12. What are everyone's expectations for the defense this year? Notable players we lost: Reddick, Gilmore, Jones? Player gained: Horn, Woods, Henderson (maybe) here are some some random stats from last year: 2021 NFL Opposition & Defensive Statistics | Pro-Football-Reference.com We were 2nd in yards allowed. (Most reasonable fans don't think we were a top 2 defense) Also, yards per game can be misleading because you can play really slow on offense which reduces the number of possessions for the opposition, but .... We were 3rd in yards per play. That stat surprised me a good bit. We were 21st in points allowed. At the end of the day points are the only thing that matter, which would put us a little below average, but not in the bottom 10 which some would have you believe. We were 27th in turnovers. Turnovers can be a bit of an unstable metric. The fact we were kind of in the middle 1/3 on points allowed but that bad with turnovers actually makes the defense look better. We were 32nd in starting field position for the defense. Our offense definitely made things hard on our defense. We were 15th in points per drive. Points per drive is sometimes a better measure than points per game because it takes offensive tempo out of the equation. Rush Defense A lot of talk about how bad our run defense was. We were 18th in rush allowed for the season. A bit surprising based on the narrative around here. Maybe teams ran less on us but had bigger runs?? But... We were 8th in yards per attempt. Teams actually didn't have much success running against us on a per rush attempt bases. They just decided to run more often on us. This can often be a product of your offense. If you are always behind in games other teams run more to kill clock. I don't expect us to be an "elite" defense, but with some better luck in the turnover department and better play by the offense this defense could easily be in the top half, maybe top 10 of the league.
  13. Tackle totals by themselves aren't really that great of a stat, even in regards to run defense. The same year he led the team in tackles, Boston was 3rd, does that mean Boston is great against the run? What if he made the tackle a yard later than an average player would do? that's bad, yard sooner? that's good. If you really want to see how stupid this LB vs S argument is go look at his snap counts by position the past two years.
  14. 2 freak plays that might never happen again in his career regardless of his position. This is the difference between fans and coaches. Fans judge players based off of a few splash plays(good and bad), coaches watch every snap. Go watch game film and focus on him for every play. Your opinion of where he should be playing might change.
  15. I know its fashionable to bash Rhule but honestly he has been more willing to play young guys the RR. Also I don't think he is going to micromanage the oline. We hired a very respected oline coach, I would think Rhule is going to let him do his think.
  16. He can't possibly be a bust, people assured me by not trading down and staying put you were guaranteed one of the elite talents that were a sure thing. All kidding aside, just by getting on the field his first-year fans automatically think he is playing great, goes for most rookies. Second year they play about the same and fans think they have regressed. Honestly, he probably wasn't as good as most people think his first year, and not as bad as people think his second year. Based on his draft position I'm sure most were hoping for me, this year should tell everyone a lot. It's not crazy for players to improve from year 2-3.
  17. So other teams scores 7 points, we score 10, defense allows another TD and you lose 14-10 but it's the defenses fault???? I'm not saying our defense was great but the the above stat by itself is very incomplete. Also you keep on trying to argue with all the people claiming the defense was great and those refencing the yards allowed per game but I really don't remember that many people saying that. I agree that a few times some of the announcers referenced that stat but most reasonable people know that yards allowed alone doesn't tell the full picture. I doubt that many people here really think that we are the #2 defense in the league. If you look at points allowed we were 20th, if you look at points scored we were 29th. Even if you look at some of the advanced metrics that takes in account your opponents. NFL Football Stats - NFL Team Points per Game | TeamRankings.com Neither unit was stellar but by most reasonable stats our defense fell somewhere in the middle third (often towards the end of the middle third) and our offense was bottom third.
  18. With the way these QB contracts are going up it just further increasees the value of drafting a QB. Any team that can find a top-10 QB in the draft has a 4-6 year window where they basically have an extra $30m to spend on the rest of the team per year.
  19. Careful using facts around here.......
  20. Brown didn’t play as well as some fans thought his rookie year and also didn’t play as bad as those same fans thought last year. If anything the two years are fairly similar. Either way I’m thinking everyone is hoping he takes a leap in his third year, which wouldn't be abnormal for a D-lineman.
  21. and your point is? OT could have been their biggest need but that doesn't change the fact that they had higher grades on other players. Need doesn't factor into a players grade, it factors in when you pick them. That is two different things. Is that board a list of the order in which they would have drafted players or the ranking of the players grades.
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