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  1. lol, what data points do you think they are using to get their grades? That's not how their grades work, they aren't plugging sacks or ypc and such into some formula. Its an eye test, each player is graded independently on each play. What data point do you actually think they are off on? They can add up sacks just like you can, but what they are doing is assigning blame to the correct person. Maybe that sack was on the TE missing his block, or the QB not throwing to his wide open 1st read, whereas the fan sees 6 sacks and automatically thinks the OL has to be the worst in the league. Did you ever actually look up their grade after the game against us, you have gone on and on about them being ranked 10th but that was after two games. Their grade was actually pretty bad against us.
  2. Where did they have the Jets O-line ranked after the first game? You keep talking about all the pressure we got in the first game but what was their rank then? It wasn't 10th. You are making all the assumptions about a 2 week grade on the basis of what you saw in the first week game. And you can't ignore the fact he has the second highest time to throw, how many of those sacks are on Wilson? I know it is hard for people to understand but sacks are also a QB stat. How many yards did they have rushing their second game? What was their YPC second game? Of that #10 rating what was the breakdown of their run block and pass block? They actually had a really good rushing game the second game, I'm sure that is heavily influencing their overall grade. How about their tight ends? That stat you linked is the cumulative grade of their 5 OL. How often are they in 22 personel? (which is two tight ends) What was the pass block grades of their TEs? Run block of their TEs? Their TEs were last in pass block grade in the league. Which is scary because they use 2 TEs second most in the league. I'm not saying PFF is perfect, far from it. Also I'm not saying the Jets are exactly the 10th best OL after two weeks, but I think you are coming to a very strong conclusion based off of some limited data points.
  3. You are drawing conclusions from incomplete stats Sacks are often a QB stat, not just an O-line stat. For example is the QB getting rid of the ball as quick as he should Passing Stats | NFL Next Gen Stats Wilson has the 2nd highest TT (time to throw) in the league. The o-line is getting him time. What about rushing? The Jets YPC average is almost 25% higher than ours, 3.3 to 4.1. We have a $16m RB who most consider one of the best in the league. That doesn't seem to add up. Either their O-line is doing better for him than our O-line or CMC is grossly overpaid. Fan view of an O-line. RB A on Team A gets 100 yards on 20 carries. RB B on Team B gets 90 yards on 20 carries. Fan logic believes RB A is the better RB and Team A O-line is the better O-line. Possible PFF view: RB A on Team A gets 100 yards on 20 carries, of which 20 of the yards are coming after contact. RB B on Team B gets 90 yards on 20 carries, of which 60 of the yards are coming after contact. PFF logic, RB B is better. What about O-line? RB A on Team A gets 100 yards on 20 carries, but first contact average is 2.2 yards. RB B on Team B gets 90 yards on 20 carries, but first contact average is 3.0 yards. Fan thinks Team A has the better O-line but in reality Team B O-line is doing better. I'm not saying PFF is perfect, but just looking at a few stats out of context can be very misleading.
  4. Pff grades aren't some formula based off of stats. A D-lineman can be negatively graded on a running play even if the RB didn't have much success. Maybe that D-lineman got beat but another player made a great play to stop the RB for a small gain. Fans watch the game, PFF watches the player. Fans see a running play for a 2 yard gain and automatically think everyone did their job. Maybe a certain D-lineman got pushed around on that play but it was away from the ball. Fans never see it.
  5. I agree that our O-line probably isn't as bad as a lot of Huddlers think, same was true last year, but you can't just judge an o-line off of sacks and pressures. Sacks and pressures are not just O-line and D-lines stats. They are products of the QB and OC also. WR's and the secondary also have a huge influence on them also. How many sacks happen after a QBs first read is covered? Fact is our system and play calling is very O-line friendly. Just because our offense if functioning somewhat well that doesn't mean our O-line couldn't improve.
  6. If Brown sees snaps it will be at RG, not LG.
  7. based on the early review on PFF he have up 3 of the 6 pressures. NFL Week 2 Game Recap: Carolina Panthers 26, New Orleans Saints 7 | NFL News, Rankings and Statistics | PFF
  8. Shocked about what? I think most people expected us to be Jets, they were one of the worst two teams in the league last year. Saints are starting a new QB, on the road, with a substantial number of their team out for various reasons. Next week is a team that was worse then us last year with Desean Watson at QB. We have a very favorable schedule this year.
  9. During the offseason I said that I though there was a chance we could be a top 10 defense in points allowed per game. At the time some people thought that was a ridiculous statement. Between the fact we were middle of the pack last year, several young players going into their 2nd year, and an easy schedule I thought it was possible. I'm sure there will be games we give up 30+ points, but when the season is all over, who feels we have a chance of being a top-10 defense? Are these first 2 games going to be outliers or can we expect the trend to continue?
  10. They are too busy complaining to actually take the time to count. So 8 is pretty standard for NFL teams. of the three backups you have: Tecklenburg for backup center, which Brown can not do. BC for backup OT, which Brown can not do. So basically the staff is taking Daley over Brown, a 6th rounder in his second game? ...... this is our biggest coaching problem???
  11. Who are the active OL? Erving, Elflein, Paradis, Miller, Moton BC, Daley, Tecklenburg? Who am i including that isn't there? Someone said only 7 active.
  12. We aren't carrying 4 TE's for the offense, its special teams probably. I'm pretty sure all 4 got ST snaps last week. A lot of teams carry more TEs than just the ones you think about being part of the offense.
  13. ....but if we had a good LT our QB would have 8 secs to throw on every pass play and our running back would get 10 yards before first contact every rushing play and we would outscore everyone. You have to be careful using facts around here, you are going to mess with peoples unrealistic expectations.
  14. Wouldn’t you think a team would already have tried to exploit the rookie in his first game?They just gave him a pass to be nice to him in his first game? Here again I just think maybe you are overthinking the idea of him getting game planned for.
  15. He is an OT, he might play worse in the future, maybe this one game was an outlier, but his performance in the future won’t fluctuate because of teams “game planning for him”. He isn’t some duel threat RB that you are going to spy. the vast majority of his reps are going to be 1v1 battles against some D-lineman.
  16. And how exactly do defenses game plan for an OT?
  17. There is slot of truth to this. People need to remember on game day only 8 OL might be active. If Erving, Elflein, Paradis, Miller and Moton are starters, who are the 3 backups? And what positions do they back up? When you look at it like that you can understand why they don’t have him active, even if you don’t agree with them. Personally i was hoping Elflein could be the back up center then BC and Daley or Scott could cover the LG and the OT spots. Then Brown could just be backup RG and we still would have a good bit of coverage if 1-2 guys were to get hurt.
  18. Honestly I think our staff has a bit of a college mentality. You recruit kids with good traits and you turn them into good football players. There is a reason we keep going after these high draft pick free agents who have struggled elsewhere.
  19. I really thought they liked Elflein as a guard/back up center, and possible take over for Paradis next year. Elflein was actually drafted pretty high as a center prospect. As a pure guard the signing made no sense at all.
  20. exactly Not every position on your football team is going to have a great player, that's the point of the salary cap. Not every free agent is going to be above average or even average. The problem with these signings is we did early and we overpaid. If you are patient you can find "cheaply".
  21. was he the best though? could we not have waited and got a terrible guard later in free agency and just paid closer to the minimum?
  22. code for "the guys we thought were going to be good aren't so we might have to do something" ? This way we can blame it on the rookies for not being ready instead of our choice of going with the wrong guy?
  23. Second week into the season and we are still trying to figure this out? is this when posters proceed to tell us not to have opinions as fans and that the "football people" know best?
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