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  1. A retirement that really hurt to hear, but when you see and hear how it has affected him and his game...you can't help but be happy he did retire when he did. If he had kept going he might have been the best MLB to ever play the game, but at what cost to his health.
  2. Beer snobs acting exactly how I'd expect beer snobs to act in this thread, carry on elitists
  3. Everyone saying SF > Charlotte is living in the early 2000s...that place is becoming a giant dump one day at a time with homeless and crime.
  4. I know its a pipe dream but if he doesn't get a HC gig elsewhere, would be an absolute honor to have him back here as DC.
  5. in our case...what's the harm in trying, everything else has been a poo show, throw something else against the wall and see if it sticks.
  6. Man still has 4100 yards 21 TDs to 9 INTs...incredible individual stats even if the team is trash
  7. 230 yards passing, absolute air assault.
  8. Could be a signing much like Roman Harper...could pay off.
  9. If they didn't get two kickoffs back to basically mid field on us, the score might have been much worse for Seattle. Only having to drive 50 yards is much nicer and easier then 75. The only thing that matters is they are clicking now...and hopefully continues this towards the end of the year.
  10. This team is playing old school football right now. Heavy Run, solid Defense. They can make a stink if they keep it up. I'm actually excited to watch this team again.
  11. Panthers have a good chance of winning 4 of the next 5...so I'd rather focus on that then worry about people saying we are a dumpster fire when everything has changed over the last few months.
  12. We are beating them on Sunday, just a feeling I got. It's more like an itch....but it's there.
  13. Tap into the Winning side first, then worry about the looks.
  14. That's what I had always thought, 1. he was off the field of play 2. the play and series was over, why should he have been penalized...bullcrap.
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