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  1. what about that guy with the airplane when he wanted Rivera canned? or was it Hurney?
  2. The 3rd season will be his famed 'turn it around' season he did the last two jobs he had. This isn't college, not going to miraculously turn it around unless there is a complete overhaul of his coaching staff and he takes some coaching tips from a veteran coach this off-season. Even with the people we have in place on the roster, we have a team that is capable of being good...not great but good. And he can't get that out of them so far.
  3. We will win the last 2 games of the year and pick 18th somehow.
  4. I think a lot of what ails this team begins and ends with Brady. If we replace him I feel a bunch of the other issues sort themselves out, including the Defense and Rhule.
  5. You'd hope he'll get a good ovation from the crowd on Sunday before the game if they announce him, which I'd hope they will out of respect for his dedication to the team and community over the years. Solid man and role model who clearly impacted many lives on and off the field.
  6. If this recent uproar from fans & media doesn't show Tepper how much #1 means to Charlotte, there is no help for that man.
  7. When they let Donte walk, he'll fall right into the #2 position, keep Gilmore where he is at and pay him the money they would possibly have paid Donte.
  8. yet Shaq just posted a photo of him and cam on his Instagram...so I think they are ok.
  9. Fan attendance, plain and simple. It worked on me, I wasn't driving from Raleigh to see the poo show that was on the field currently, but with #1 back, I'll be happy to. Even if he is only 75% of what he use to be, he still gives us a chance to win every week. That's what made him so exciting to watch.
  10. If only they had a passionate leader on the field always trying to get the crowd into it and pump them up...a showman if you may...
  11. It has to be Brady, there is one side of the football that is holding up its end very well, to a side that can't score a TD. Rhule is to blame for it too, but Brady is supposed to answer the call and field a competent offense and hasn't done that for 6 weeks now, and it suffered most of last year also. Its time for that change at least.
  12. I know we have had the drops the year...but a Oline and OC revamp would do wonders for whats already currently on the field.
  13. Shaq flipped a switch this off-season. Been an absolute animal this season, hopefully he continues this trend, he'd fill a big need on the defense.
  14. We need Pre-Vegan Cam who was 260 and the size of a Linebacker. Sadly that'll never happen again.
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