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  1. Generally speaking, if you have the confidence to pick a QB at #6 overall and be a franchise Quarterback, then an LT (or any other position for that matter) isn't going to stop you from taking him. I highly doubt this is true.
  2. I must admit, I am pretty thrilled that we got Sanchez in the 5th round, as I listed him here as a potential 3rd round selection. Bradberry may have been a reach, but we more than made up for it with Sanchez. I didn't list Worley because of off-field concerns, but he should be a good addition. Sanchez is an excellent schematic fit, and great pick! I think he might get more playing time (early on) than Bradberry and Worley.
  3. Welp, I had James Bradberry as a potential 3rd round target. Huge reach Gettleman. I think Von Bell getting taken before us through him off his game and he wasn't ready with a counter.
  4. I listed Miller, Jones and Sanchez as options in the 3rd round... Did you only read my 2nd round options?
  5. While I believe the Panthers will be forced to trade-up in Round 2 to get one of the three remaining CBs available (MacKenzie Alexander, Xavien Howard, Kendall Fuller), I will simply assume we will stay put. Here are my potential prospects on Day 2 (with our current picks). I don't believe there is a CB worth drafting at the end of Round 2 that can make an immediate impact, so if we don't trade up, don't expect a CB here unless one of the aforementioned 3 above were to fall. 2nd Round Prospects Kenneth Dixon - RB - LA Tech, Another Bulldog? Could be. Dixon holds the record for most FBS TD's in history. He has many miles on him, but I believe has many more. Very stout with great center of gravity. Reminds me of a poor man's JStew. Reliable hands, and can identify blitzers well. He does have a fumbling issue that will need to be addressed.. 900 touches and 14 fumbles in career. Su'a Cravens - SS - USC, Here is a guy we have been rumored to have "scary interest" in. We lost Roman Harper, and this guy could help fill that void. He can really cover on an island, great instincts and reactive, however, his tackling leaves some to be desired. He's not an especially stout or physical player. At 222lbs he would need to lose a few pounds. TJ Green - FS - Clemson, Height/Weight/Speed guy. Huge coverage range. Yet, very raw prospect, poor tackling form preferring to lung with shoulder rather than wrap up.. does not have good instincts. Fastest safety in the draft, with a very high ceiling.. I'd say Eric Berry is his ceiling, but also very low floor. With proper coaching, could be great. Sterling Shepard - WR - Oklahoma, This guy reminds me of Golden Tate all day. Would help round out our offense and replace Jerrico Cotchery. Playmaker with the ball in his hands and the best route runner in the draft. 3rd Round Prospects Charles Tapper - DE - Oklahoma, He's a slightly more athletic version of Charles Johnson in my opinion. They just happen to have the same first name, and same measurable. Non-stop motor, great bull rush, long arms. Lacks elite quickness, but has enough for OT to respect the outside move. Doesn't have a plethora of pass rush moves as he was asked to contain mostly at Oklahoma. Braxton Miller - WR - Ohio St, He's raw at the position, but I think he has a higher ceiling than Sterling Shepard due to his elite athleticism.. they are the same style of shifty, slot-based WR that we need to round out our offense. Would replace Jerrico Cotchery. Cyrus Jones - CB - Alabama, An undersized, yet, very quick and agile slot guy that would allow Benwikere to move outside. Best return man in the draft. Not the best cover corner, better suited to the slot due to lack of top-end speed. Very physical at POA with strength to re-route receivers. Needs to work on run awareness but very good in run support when properly diagnosing play. Zack Sanchez - CB - Oklahoma, Very instinctive player that likes to take chances on the ball. Great ball skillz, but can bite on the double move, and pump fake. If he can learn discipline, he could be a great CB in our system. Smaller frame but physical for his size.. He's got a little Tyrann Matheiu in him. Alex Collins/Jonathan Williams - RB - Arkansas, Both players will go in this area. Both players have similar strengths and weaknesses. Both players run a little upright, and need to lower pad level. Decent pass blocking. Weren't asked to catch much. In the mold of Chris Ivory... strong physical runners that can wear you down. Quick and shifty between the tackles. Harlan Miller - CB - SE Louisiana, Small school prospect with good upside. Tenacious tackler with great wrap-up ability. Very quick feet on tape, with ability to mirror receivers. A little slow.. same speed as Norman, but perfect for zone scheme. Very thin, needs to add weight at the next level.. poor combine numbers. James Bradberry - CB - Samford, Another small school guy. Looks great in zone, but needs much work on press coverage. Very long corner that looks the part but has issues with footwork. Not very physical preferring to lower his head on contact and doesn't drive through target.
  6. My one and only game I've attended at BOA stadium. I flew in from Oklahoma with my dad to watch his favorite team, and mine. Patriots MNF 2013. Best. Game. Ever. 2nd Row on the 45yd line behind the Panthers bench. An amazing experience.
  7. I hate giving up picks. I like Funchess, but it's hard for me to know that we could have kept our 3rd, taken Jaelen Strong in the 2nd, and taken Carl Davis with our 3rd. That would have really given us strong depth at DT. Our backup DTs are getting OLD.
  8. I can't think of who it could be. I don't think Shaw, or Cowher are that unprofessional to go to an NFL network reporter and proclaim this. It wasn't Gruden because he'd let ESPN leak the news first.. Cowher works for CBS, so I'd guess it wasn't him.
  9. I wonder how many Teddy Bridgewater threads there will be after this game.
  10. I have a mini helmet of Cam Newton. Mini with Smitty, and a mini with DWill/Beason on one helmet.
  11. Yea, I appreciate you following through on your end of the deal!

  12. did you get your 5 +reps from my entourage yet?

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