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  1. Texan's defender looks offside in the neutral zone to me, but they called four on us?
  2. cowboys will also not have starters La'el Collins due to suspension and Demarcus Lawerence on IR.
  3. depends on the fracture. if it's a simple fracture that can heal on its own, he should be back in 6-8 weeks. If he needs surgery to insert a screw, it could be months...
  4. if y'all think this reffing is bad, just wait how bad they fug us when we play the cowboys
  5. Imagine having 2015 Josh Norman, Luke, TD, Cam, Olsen, and Norwell on this team
  6. I feel that it is more important that multiple players on the d-line is able to contribute and pull their weight as opposed to only one player doing all of the work (Julius Peppers). It makes it harder for opposing offenses to prepare and scheme who to focus their attention on when pressure is coming from all directions.
  7. not having whitehead next to him makes his job easier
  8. the fact we continued to play him before he got sent to IR even when his production and effort wasn't there is still beyond me
  9. Remmers may be playing like poo but he still hell of a lot better than the Chandler/Bell.
  10. I may be wrong as I don't have MRI vision but seeing the way his knee bent inward and the doc did an ACL test when he was on the ground and it was negative from what I saw.
  11. Looks like a sprained MCL for Olsen. Doesn't look like an ACL injury.
  12. Apparently the banner costed $500 to make. Every Panthers fan should wipe our ass with it and send it back
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