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  1. He has all the tools to be a great QB. Great size and great arm. Too bad a kindergartener can read a Harry Potter book better than he could read defense
  2. complete different sport and somehow the ball coming off of Darnold goes straight towards the defender
  3. would like to see Haynes develop into a Mario Addison type player. solid but undersized speed rusher that developed into a quality edge starter later in career
  4. think he got his years mixed up. but could you imagine Hardy on that 2015 defense
  5. comes across very mature and smart for a young player. also wants to be here. hopefully he will become our franchise left tackle for the next 10-15 years
  6. Gross is an all-pro tackle who has way more knowledge and experience as an offensive lineman compared to Rhule who thinks he's a genius at everything. Gross pretty much called out Rhule on his bs whenever he talks about the offensive line. Last season, he mentioned that arm length isn't as important as technique and skill when it came to BC. In addition, Rhule's constant shuffling of linemen just because they needed to be "versatile" but at the same never allowing them to stick to one position and letting them settle and get comfortable there. Play Ickey at one spot throughout OTA's and camp so he can be as ready and comfortable as he can. No need to constantly shuffle just for the sake of shuffling.
  7. A+ draft in my books because we didn't draft a second string long snapper
  8. time will tel but you couldnt go wrong with any of those three. all three are capable of being franchise LT
  9. then explain why he got benched the week after against the dolphins? Rhule is a trash coach but top 10 picks shouldn't get benched
  10. lol watching tape does not equal watching a game's highlights on YouTube. This is the same game that resulted in his benching the week after. And by your highlight video: 2:12 - Brown gets beat one on one for 1st down 5:09 - Brown takes the double team but has the opportunity for the tackle but just watches the runner go by 5:22 - Same drive, Brown doesn't stay in his gap and the RB cuts back into his gap 5:35 - We get the 3rd down stop, but Brown doesn't hold his point of attack and gets blocked into the ground 7:01 - Gets blocked into the ground again and loses his gap for cut back 11:50 - Gets blocked into the ground again and loses gap
  11. Im not a Derrick brown hater, his progression is key to our defense and it will require him to do his job which is to occupy blockers and apply pressure up the middle. So far, he has not shown any of that. Football is a team game and if one out of 11 is not doing their job, then the entire defense will fail. While Star didn't light up the stat sheet and had the better supporting cast, the defense was night and day before he got drafted and after he left.
  12. now watch the game against Washington when he gets manhandled by Tyler Larsen
  13. watch the games in '18 and '19 when we had Dontari Poe and Vernon Butler as our NT. Luke had offensive linemen in his face every game as opposed to when star was there. Your argument is that Star only succeeded because he had Luke and TD. Luke definitely struggled and was frustrated with blockers in his face. While Derrick Brown may not have the same supporting cast as Star, he job is to control blockers and allow players such as Shaq to clean up. So far, he has not done what he was drafted in top 10 to do...
  14. weird vibes in general during the press conference. fitterer pretty much answered all questions while rhule just awkwardly sat there staring into space.
  15. Star did his job. He did all the dirty work so Luke and TD could stay free. Brown gets manhandled by Washington's third string guards
  16. classic case of relying entirely on your size and athleticism during college that hasn't translated into the pros. At one point, Shaq even said that Brown has a tendency to have poor gap control that effects the run defense.
  17. lol has anyone went from a fan favorite to wanted gone this quickly before on this team? in 2020, he was a reliable and effective target and didn't say much. pretty much everyone loved him and what he brought to the team in 2021, he had the holdout in the offseason followed by sucking ass during the season and started calling out fans and running his mouth after signing him to an awful contract extension
  18. Hopefully with the addition of Woods and/or the hopeful development of Kenny Robinson, we can keep Chinn at strong safety
  19. funny because part of the reason rhule was hired was because of his revolutionary "sports science department" and how it was supposes to cut down on injuries and improve performances
  20. idk maybe it wouldn't be so hard if we stop making terrible decisions such as overpaying bad players and trading away all our picks
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