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  1. It’s on the jumbo tron in the stadium
  2. “Good thing you will wear green a lot. Hides the grass stains. Good luck.”
  3. The player intros were also a mess. The whole process seemed out of sync. Players were confused as well. Announcer was calling players names before they were even at the tunnel. And just kept reading through the list. It seemed very thrown together. It was always so organized and well done when I was in the purrcussion line that I was shocked at the lack of crowd pumping for a home opener. It just felt lazy today. lots of keep pounding going on in the walk out after the game though
  4. I rarely have time to post or even log onto this forum but I had to log on to tell you how incredibly dumb this post is. so....yeah. This post is absolutely the dumbest thing I’ve seen today and I drive on 77 all day on my route so I see plenty of dumb things done by dumb people. I mean, not saying you’re dumb, but this post makes me think, maybe....just maybe you are either very slow or simply a troll. Seriously show me on the doll where Matt rhule hurt you. Lol. Wow
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