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  1. Everything about this game feels like a loss. 3-0 sure would be nice though. When did we last go 3-0? 2015...
  2. It's hard to miss the playoffs going 2-0. Even harder at 3-0. Just beat the crappy teams and you are in at that point.
  3. Yeah this will be one of the most active and costly seasons even if it ended today.
  4. Must be bad sight lines at BofA
  5. Haven't been since 2019. Section 313 with the kid tomorrow.
  6. Will this be as bad as the last time it shut down?
  7. I need a translation. What does it mean?
  8. Just getting all the misses out in preseason...
  9. Same. Just wasn't that fun.
  10. Nah the poster was asking about public opinion. Any playoff appearance will calm the masses for a while. As far as contract your guess is as good as mine!
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