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  1. +1 For Trex. We redid the deck in Trex and it is no fuss. Holds heat like a mofo though.
  2. Get a grouper Sandwich from Provision Co.
  3. If the anticipated rate hike goes through its going to be a wild ride.
  4. All this and they might take Sam?? Dreams do come true??
  5. We have shed loads of cap space and this would be a one year deal right? Just make the trade...
  6. A fifth round pick and the Browns take most of his salary sounds delicious to me.
  7. Tepper is the best owner in the MLS. PERIOD.
  8. Yeah Panthers games are for me and my kid. If he stops liking it I probably will watch at home. But it is all he talks about.
  9. This is true. If you are under a speaker you can't talk to your seatmate.
  10. There are always going to be people who judge you on how you spend your money. We learn to ignore them pretty quick.
  11. 300 level here but I used to be elsewhere. I don’t even know what I would suggest as changes. The PSL process is fine besides the fact our team sucks. i think some newer stadiums deliver food to your seats. That might be cool.
  12. I live in the area and all I can say is Davidson and Mooresville are completely different lol
  13. Isn’t Hickory pretty crappy though? Honest question.
  14. You asked the question and I answered. You already annoy me enough to duck out of this stupid thread.
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