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  1. This is a very common reaction in the analytical world and is an immediate flag that you will fail at critical thinking. "Define all the parameters before I can answer." Nah if you want to participate state your assumptions and then answer. I'm not force feeding you. It's a discussion.
  2. Blockbuster trade is like pornography. It is hard to define but you know it when you see it.
  3. This is an honest question. It seems like this never works out for the team in the Panthers situation. Comfort me with an example please.
  4. Good job. I slept through the crash and didn't log on until it had bounced back. Would have done the same.
  5. I just got charged for a year as well. Is All Pro gone now?
  6. I did! July 280 puts are feeling good. But who knows maybe it will go to the moon!
  7. Thanks man. We are good. Looks like a frayed wire lit some mulch on fire right next to the house where a crawl space is. The fire spread into the wall and started burning insulation and some structural beams. Luckily the neighbors daughter spotted it quickly and the neighbor ran over with an extinguisher. The fire department showed up very quickly. six fire vehicles and two policemen showed up. Anyway once the wife took a xanax everyone is calm now.
  8. A wire caught some mulch on fire which eventually sneaked into a wall burning insulation. Our neighbors daughter saw the flames and our neighbor rushed over with an extinguisher and a shovel until the fire department arrived. I am now drinking heavily.
  9. I think it would be fun to see brady win at 43. I don't dislike either team. And I have 4-8 in squares.
  10. Not bad. I believe there are two kitchens shown which is a feature I am noticing in high end houses.
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