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  1. If it ends up being a couple inches +ice give credit to accuweather who has had that forecast for a few days. And Brad Panovich for calling it too. Darksky still has LKN at 9-13" as I type this.
  2. Seems like this is becoming the consensus.
  3. I got $50 that we get zero snow in Davidson. Been fooled too many times.
  4. I wonder what the same data looked like a year ago.
  5. Probably not unless the process started today and went really smoothly. Realistically 10 years.
  6. After we get eliminated from playoff contention. I think he is on a playoff or fired deal now.
  7. I tried to sell the bucs boxing day game at face. No luck. We do have the Steelers next year at home which should make some people some money.
  8. I'm probably good for three more years and plan on getting nothing back unless we are going to superbowls by then.
  9. I hope he is surrounded by good people and lives happily on his money.
  10. I think we can discuss this more logically in the offseason as there is almost no room here to give Rhule and Tepper some benefit without being strung up. For me Rhule was always on a three year program. It takes an amount of time to instill a brand and a philosophy. And while we are all frustrated I am perfectly happy to see if Matt can turn it around. And Tepper who I am sure hates this more than anyone. I imagine Rhule will be on the top of the hotseat list next year and a candidate to be the first coach fired next year if we aren't on track to make the playoffs. So I am not freaking out. yet. And Tepper is not trying to leave Charlotte. Just stfu if you think this.
  11. Its a crime he hasn’t been hired yet.
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