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  1. Luke and Cam couldn't win in spite of the coaches when those coaches were Rivera and Shula. God help us now. (Rhule)
  2. no worries. The "sharing of reps" has a trickle down effect. As/if he moves up the food chain, the reps will increase, the talent around him will increase and his positives will increase. Put a pin in this one for now.
  3. Since it has been a long time since football; I am interested in everything about the first preseason game. After that, I am interested in how long this season I will stay interested because as the season wore on last year, it was hard to stay interested. It will all be so interesting.
  4. he was my pick of all this years QBs but its a wait and see situation for sure
  5. Man, about the only "panther" thing I had to look forward to was Matt Rhule getting fired. bummer... I wish there was a fast forward button up in this bitch so I could just fast forward to next year this time.
  6. Op: It is a good question but this poo is so bad, I don't really think ANY Position can truly be evaluated. Fire it, blow it up, burn it down and put me out of my misery.
  7. I look at it like this. Ron Rivera had Cam and Luke when we went to the Superbowl and I feel like better coaching, preparation and in game adjustments could have got us the win. Do I think Matt Rhule has the traits to get us the win in the same situation? No I don't.
  8. So who screwed up the other 99 plays behind that all pro line with the school yard offense?
  9. Looks like Matt is showing his true colors. Looks to me like a shade of brown.
  10. I appreciate this GOOD thread. Oh my what ashit show this season/coach ing has become.
  11. we have entered the CYA portion of the rebuild
  12. As there is also some good discussion going on in this thread about the defense... After our offense went down and gave us a 7 point lead, our defense sans any turnover or short field, let Atlanta march down the field and tie the game. Then at the end of the game when our offense had gone down and made it a one score game, the defense allowed Atlanta to convert a 3rd and 13 to ice the game. So yeah while I agree our month old offense sucks and turnovers and penalties are killing us, the defense is not without fault and are not perfect. They are not situationally prepared.
  13. To quote ole Elton..."It's a sad, sad, situation and it's getting more and more absurd"
  14. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Checks and balances are better.
  15. yesterday at game time, the Panther QBs were Cam, PJ and Barkley. Cam gave us the best chance to win. If these are the choices next week then Cam will give us the best chance to win. A few weeks ago we didn't even have a backup QB to go to who the brass thought would give us a chance to win. They looked around at the great big wide world and said "who might give us a chance to win, who can save us from this mess we have made" and they went out and signed Cam. This team has become a snowball that started out small and each week has grown bigger as it heads downhill. Nobody, regardless of how well intentioned could have come in here and stopped this snowball from rolling on downhill.
  16. I have to go off and can't watch the second half. Good luck and I hope we get a win. I will go back and pass out all the pie I have until it runs out. Thank you for a good first half.
  17. how to piss away your momentum by the Carolina Panthers
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