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  1. the kicking in practice must not have been going well
  2. Sept. 14th might not be the best time to figure out the kicking position
  3. he might be moving on up to the east side?
  4. LOL, made me laugh! I'm over 60 and sound like that all the time now.
  5. I can't watch the game today, were there any significant injuries?
  6. Reid Sinett from Miami. I hope he gets a tryout
  7. Miami cut Reid Sinett. I hope he gets a tryout with us
  8. We could finally pick up 4th and one!
  9. "You'd be a fool to stop this time, spread your wings and let me come inside...tonights the night, its gonna be alright..."
  10. It might explain Tepper's non-committal attitude last night. or not. I'm good with Sam too. But Watson is going to play somewhere with the second chance. dang i am so non-committal
  11. Let 77 hike the ball or move him to fullback for added protection; nobody running over him
  12. Second chances are real. A lot of us can testify to that!
  13. I was encouraged that he had his most success after his panic. he didn't go in the tank
  14. something like: the only one hotter than Slye is a postal worker. somebody going postal!
  15. how long does it take for a separated shoulder injury? is it season ending?
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