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  1. Well I've seen two or three article links posted, but this one actually says grass ( in great condition) actually grips more (footwear pending also sometimes I think) during "peak torque" making it more likely to cause injury verses 3rd generation artificial turf. https://www.americansocceranalysis.com/home/2019/1/7/turf-and-injuries-the-data-hurts Not saying this is all correct, but this guy appears to have done his homework, or at least has looked up everyone else's studies and crossed them?
  2. is this how cancel culture begins?
  3. Comes to thread to read about Trade. Skips all relevant trade post. Read everyone about #1 picks girl and avatar likeness
  4. I'm not saying the guy is Brady ...but his physique is young Brady and many of his weaknesses are 6th round Brady esq. However the odds of him being another Brady are astronomical but I see combine Brady every time I see the guy
  5. Looks like my fortnite marker is placed in tilted.
  6. this is bad...but I had to....... he used sewdoo?
  7. Taken at Hess station in Roseboro NC
  8. Bored at work...thinking about football
  9. Maybe because they actually play the corners of the def/ field while a running also just blocks or a quarter back doesn't just play a a quarter of the field :D
  10. this is what happend when our offense goes into bitch mode( burn clock go conservative) instead of fuggin win mode
  11. Burfict = million dollar body/skills 10 cent brain/honor. Dude does great things...... and absolute garbage things as well
  12. When Greg Olsen goes to be at night he checks his closet for the 1 yard line. Its his worst nightmare
  13. damn the 1 yard line tackled Olsen again..... TD CAM
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