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  1. In general, I think it's been tough to reconcile that someone that has been so successfull in one endeavor is not in another. It gives some credence that this is all calculated. But my take is that Tepper underestimated how subjective managing sports can be versus the objectivity of money. His hubris and ego are digging the holes around him.
  2. add in a broken sound system at the stadium and for some reason Mark McGrath
  3. Tell me without telling me that you just downed a case of Busch Light in the middle of the day
  4. That was a lot of words to say nothing at all
  5. The good news for this season is that there will be a much higher level of accountability as the experienced staff will have no problem letting the GM or Tepper know what's working or not.
  6. With a coach worthy of being fired and the mess in Rock Hill, Tepper had his hands full, albeit his doing. My take is that he couldn't fight both battles, so keeping Rhule was the easier and cheaper choice. If he improves great, you don't have to eat the contract. If he still stinks, then you fire him after the season gets rolling when you have some leverage to attract other names.
  7. I'll give 'em this.. this reeks of desperation and it's totally on brand for this iteration of the Panthers.
  8. Gut check says he'd be better off staying put given the lack of upgrade markets willing and available. Plus with the soccer team here, he gets a fresh round of stadium income that he most likely would not get elsewhere anytime soon. Though it's seemingly clear that he'll go hard in pressuring the locals for either massive upgrades or a new stadium in Charlotte. The locals should start gathering some firepower to counter his requests. Get experienced consultants and lawyers that are willing to go up against Tepper and his network, not some patsy firm that's playing the jobber role.
  9. Teams can be biased in their intentions and not look at the results objectively. Also, coaches may be invested in certain players and overlook what may be obvious to outsiders. And throw in self preservation and healthy dose of hubris when you're making a lot of money and you can easily muck things up and not see obvious problems.
  10. BudFox


    Every survey I get from the Panthers, when asked for Other Comments, I express my disdain for the Hype Men.
  11. Not a good look, but of all the off field character issues that have come up in the NFL, this would be bottom tier.
  12. Not happening... No NFL owner would ever get a new stadium after that.
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