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  1. At this point, wake me when it's draft day.... the Watson saga jumped the shark weeks ago. It's like a bad reality show that always teases the most dramatic moments on the next episode.... Next week on "The Texans"....
  2. $GME to the moon! But yeah, a big fan of football video games, so this is great news.
  3. Reading around some of the analysis on Jones, this nugget from a scout stuck out... "I think he could have a career in the NFL similar to Matt Barkley." I'd say Jones fits right in with the solid SEC QBs that have made a career out of being backups in the NFL: Fromm, Bray, Dobbs, McCarron, Stidham, Driskell, etc. So if he's around in late rounds, sure. But he's not an elite 1/2 rounder from what I've seen.
  4. Jones only had 11.3% of pass attempts out of the pocket. While not a knock on him, given the scheme and protection he had, the lack of experience in that area would need development. I'm not sold on giving him our top pick.
  5. those were great and impressive that they got away with Felcher and Sons
  6. As said earlier, ratings. Sunday has less conflicts than Saturday, especially families with kids. Think of all the dance recitals, basketball games, etc. that would conflict on Saturday. Sunday gives you the biggest audience, thus bigger dollars.
  7. It's the only way a Georgia player will get a ring
  8. So are we not counting that he was the QB coach at Myers Park High School, coaching UNC's next QB star Drake Maye?
  9. Good to hear. Objectivity is hard to come by in football. Six or seven guys could grade out equally, but have to be ranked in some order based on the teams picking and their needs.
  10. I'm still bullish on the stadium staying uptown. To attract the events to keep the stadium booked, you need the surrounding area to be a destination and desirable spot. Plus Tepper's support of the development of Graham street falls in line. You have the Hornets, Knights, Panthers, and soon to be Football Club all in the same zone. I wouldn't move.
  11. Brenton Bersin and Will Grier can be roommates at the Washington Whatevers training camp this year.
  12. Delete SWEET CAROLINE from the post game playlist.
  13. I still think Brady is just being used as a negotiating pawn, but we'll see. I've clocked more hours playing Madden than he's coached anything.
  14. Tepper's comments and support of developing Graham Street leads me to believe he's ok with the current location or will build very close by. As for PSLs, I looked at them as price hedges over the years. Saved me from paying inflated per game prices during popular games. That price differential has more than paid for itself, so whatever happens in the future, I'm ok with it.
  15. Preferably someone with experience coaching against NFL players. Big difference between college kids with restricted practices, eligibility, and play time versus professional players that can study film all day and have been in the league for a while.
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