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  1. The vibe seemed off today. The player intros were out of sync, the Topcats didn't look sharp, Sir Purr was hardly seen, no Black and Blue crew, no Keep Pounding, Purrcussion weren't mic'd up for the 2nd set, and the music cues after each play are grating. Though the augmented reality Panther running across the stadium was bad ass.
  2. At this point, I'd pass. No matter how the allegations shake out, it's clear they're not going away quietly. It's a major distraction, both for him and whatever team he's on. If and when the dark cloud passes... maybe.
  3. Poo post, though if we're still rolling with Walker and Grier as our QB depth chart I may agree
  4. Never understood the hype... but guess this will be the year to see. I'm hoping for the best though.
  5. If he shows up in a Nature Boy glitter robe, I'm all in
  6. There's no Sir Purr and Rhule looks like he works at a Jiffy Lube. But I still play every year... It's my version of yoga. Zen out and play franchise mode.
  7. Bingo... Managing the depth chart will be a competitive advantage
  8. Analytics! j/k... but maybe not. Football (and sports in general) can be very subjective in evaluations. So maybe there's a better analysis model in place other than Hurney flipping through an Athlon Sports magazine.
  9. TIL that our current LB coach was also a LB at Boston College, albeit a walk-on...
  10. Maybe Grier is great at practice... who knows... I would have rather snapped up someone like Blake Bortles just for his experience, both at starting games and in the film room. He could at least teach something to the other guys.
  11. I'll still take them on Franchise mode and whoop the schedule.
  12. Grier should definitely go. Nothing on the field, and his lack of experience brings nothing to the film room or practice. I'd rather get a journeyman QB with experience to at least elevate and push the other two.
  13. Great OC/play caller? TBD...Great is a strong word
  14. Yes. Hopefully through camps and cuts we can bring in someone that's at least started a few NFL games.
  15. If I were advising on stadium upgrades here, I'd say invest in producing consistent winning seasons, otherwise fans are taking their Sundays off to the mountains, beaches, and golf courses, despite the amenities.
  16. Draft would be nice, but not sure there's a space uptown to hold the crowd other than the stadium
  17. A new stadium in SC would require much more infrastructure spending and development than the practice facility. Hard pass. Rebuild on the current site if you must.
  18. Kids will be learnin' physics this season...
  19. Looking at the 2021 schedule, I'd vote defense.
  20. Arbitrage at its best. It's like in grade school when you couldn't trade your bologna sandwich for the hot dog you really wanted, but you had some twinkies that would get you a sloppy joe. But now a sloppy joe and your juice box gets a hot dog. Score!
  21. Luke looks like a youth counselor that recently took up crossfit. Glad he's still around though.
  22. If you're a draft prospect, you should hire whomever Mac Jones is using for PR, because somehow he keeps getting into the conversation.
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