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  1. So our football fortunes are resting with guys who are known for benching league and Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks, while we roll with Sam Darnold and a guy from the XFL. Hot damn!
  2. Yes. It's been a headscratcher that seemingly smart people keep referencing the year 3 turnaround. It works in college because you need time for your recruits right out of high school to catch up and compete with 22 year old 5th year seniors.
  3. Which is larger, the concentric circles of college football fans and Katy Perry fans or the number of Panther fans and Matt Rhule fans?
  4. Or Tepper got played by Rhule and Hurney and believed there was potential upside and it all went to poo. Occam's Razor
  5. He's proven that he's definitely not based on in-game decisions, or lack thereof
  6. My guess is that the business side of the house wasn't that organized when Tepper took over, so it took most of his attention... and also throw in an MLS team. The product on the field could wait, given how NFL finances work. It sucks as a fan to sit and watch, but Tepper's bottom line isn't in jeopardy. He may not have diamond hands, but he can wait until the right upgrade is available.
  7. It's 1000% better under Tepper, we just can't see it yet
  8. Totally using this in my next performance review at work... 1000% doing my job, you just can't see it
  9. Despite losing, stability probably helps Tepper negotiate dollars for a new stadium
  10. Proven salesman. At worst, he could leave football and make a killing selling variable annuities or time shares.
  11. Ok, so at some point in time, we'll revisit this thread... My prediction: Kiffin comes back to the NFL and Matt Rhule goes to Ole Miss. Alternate prediction: Matt Rhule is DC for NY Giants
  12. Decent summation of the difference between college and NFL, though fairly obvious. In the end, the risk didn't work out, so should Rhule still get the rewards of a high $ contract? If Tepper can upgrade, I think he will, no matter the cost.
  13. I was watching the game and this struck me as a moment that showed it was over...
  14. Say what you will but Ron may be rolling to a playoff spot with Taylor F'N Heinicke and we'll be at home scratching balls
  15. Today I Learned that Matt Rhule is not going to be a long term coach for the Panthers.
  16. I always got Grayson Allen vibes from Mac Jones. Something in the water in Jacksonville...
  17. They put it on the screen then cut to unknowing fans in the stands, killing any energy behind it. However, the McConaughey chest pounding bit has led to turnovers following it... so maybe something there...
  18. I wouldn't be mad if those two "hype guys" got cut this week.
  19. I feel like I've seen this movie before. Though it's the straight to video version of Nick Saban.
  20. If only quality football were determined by precedence... It's an existential equation where you try to find the constants that work, if any. The equation is off in this 2021 version of the Panthers. Nothing prior changes that trajectory.
  21. We're a team that benched our QB for PJ Walker against a 1-5 team. Bust out the paper bags.
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