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  1. In the end, we keep the lead-by-example man on the line and moved on from Burns who played hard 10% of snaps and can't do much more than rush the QB during meaningless moments of the game.
  2. I'm all for us having more options to rotate in throughout the game. In my opinion, an issue we've had is a lack of depth and our D-Line being gassed at the end of games. Need to keep them fresher throughout all four quarters.
  3. If we're righting the wrongs of the past few years, this year is a true rebuild start. I wouldn't mind getting a future first which would allow us to not waste a year of a rookie contract on a contributor.
  4. This simple and clear distinction is being ignored by the whiner brigade.
  5. As @top dawgand others have said, we're shoring up the line and actually going to try and have an NFL offense this season. Only way to know if Bryce can be salvaged.
  6. I had no problem moving on from Burns when his value was highest. That Rams offer was the peak because they were desperate to extend the Super Bowl window and he still had time on his rookie contract. Trading for a franchise-tagged player is essentially having first dibs at that player in free agency. Not much of a difference. We weren’t going to get much for him at this point unfortunately.
  7. Are you serious? You say only gave up draft picks while ignoring the amount of salary cap given up. That is now freed up for us. You compare the Mack compensation but neglect to realize he had three years on that contract and wasn't a franchise tag trade? Sheesh.
  8. Is this the number of TDs we have scored while he was on the field over six seasons?
  9. Hang a banner. Get some rings crafted. It's time for a parade down Mint Street! Shut up, Nicole. No one wants to hear you or your husband speak.
  10. Very mature and responsible debrief of the event from Cam. He takes his role as a mentor and positive male influence seriously.
  11. We rank 32 out of 32 in performance and success. Tickets and food should be cheap just so locals/Panthers fans will attend. If not, the away teams will continue having more fans.
  12. If he was a part of this team and the decision-making, he sees a team of strengths. After all, this is the roster his department created.
  13. Hanging out a tailgate and providing pizza = a win GM hire? Panthers are trash.
  14. Seeing others with the same sentiment. If Bryce isn't at the very least a long-term starter that has playoff appearances, I do think you have to consider Fitterer one of the worst. I obviously can't compare him to all prior GMs since I don't have that knowledge. But, the man really had 50 misses for every 1 hit.
  15. We actually had Cam, Luke, and Thomas on the same team. Look at where we are now.
  16. We have such a cloud of poo over the organization and a culture of losing. That's why I'm leaning towards someone to lead even if it means we improve to just 0.500 as our record. Then I think we'll be ready for someone to maximize the talents via savant scheming. Steelers fans have been so lucky to have Tomlin this long.
  17. Looks like we go after Bill Belichick and give him full GM control!!!! /s
  18. In Fitterer's shoes, I 100% make that trade last year. And that in itself, would have made me a more successful GM even if I missed on every other draft and FA move.
  19. That's what I meant by saying there was no reason for him to omit details. Just be truthful and set up your payday: "I made factual statements to Mr. David Tepper, that his team is complete dogshit and that he's the worst owner in the league. Mr. Tepper then threw a liquid on me after I cheered for my team's defensive historic success that was punctuated by an interception."
  20. Really is no reason for him to omit details, since he's not at fault for the drink throwing... that's Tepper regardless of taunting or not.
  21. Tepper needed to direct that cup into his own face. Did they say what the drink was?
  22. I was in favor of the more local ownership options. Lots were saying Tepper was loaded and he'd be able to buy our way into becoming a contender. He's botched a new facility, not improved the game-day experience, added turf, failed in hiring coaches/GM. Money did not help.
  23. Bumpy ride? Bumpy assumes ups and downs. I feel like this is straight free fall mode we unlocked with Tepper’s purchase.
  24. The Tepper speed run to the worst franchise in the league was completed today.
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