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  1. TMJ had 138 receiving yards. If we don't get better production, I think it is fair to say that was a bust of a pick. You can pick up any vet minimum practice squader for that level of production. I was so excited about picking him up but his rookie year was a red shirt essentially. We also had a true red shirt in that long snapper lol... is he even on the team now?
  2. You really can't get much more value out of that 5th round pick than they did. Super Bowl, yearly AFC championship contention, and a boat-load of draft picks. When Panthers are able to make moves like these, we'll be headed in the right direction.
  3. This happens when rosters have their salary caps dominated by massive QB contracts. Mahome's expensive extension is now factoring into their ability to build a roster. To be fair, they got great draft compensation.
  4. Didn't work giving a HC extra power. Figures he'll try the player-controlled franchise now. On page 129, I publicly let it be known that I will give up my fan card if Tepper makes the decision to tear down a broken team further to bring in Watson.
  5. We should have done this with Funchess on his last year. He was coming off of a year he was never going to outdo.
  6. We've truly entered the trifecta of poo for the franchise: 1) No hope for the playoffs 2) Lack draft capital 3) Not in a great salary cap situation How does one franchise check the above three boxes and still keep it's coach that got them in that spot? I am putting blame on Rhule because of the personnel and drafting power he was handed on Day 1.
  7. I wanted to trade Funchess before his contract ran out. This franchise needs to begin its stockpiling of draft picks. We're going into the draft lacking draft picks. Totally bleak outlook for us, boys.
  8. I'm not Rhule. No point in bringing up Pickett to me. Edit: And rookie contracts are important to value regardless of the actual age of the rookie.
  9. But receiving two YOUNGER players in return in the above scenario.
  10. Ideal scenario is to have a decent roster and to ride the five-year rookie contract of a great QB. You then pay the QB and hope to get some ring chasers and team-friendly contracts from the other roster pieces. You can squeeze out some more Super Bowl contention this way. I think you'll see Kansas City have a difficult time filling all major holes on its roster with Mahomes new contract ramping up.
  11. We've also invested heavily on the defense and played Mickey Mouse games on offensive roster building.
  12. One of the disgusting things about this regime is we've either whiffed on nearly an entire draft classes or they're not being used.
  13. Just accept a one-year rental OC to go down with the Rhule ship, no one else wants to come here. Y'all stressin' for no reason.
  14. Endorsements in general. You think I've got an active spreadsheet I'm updating these endorsements in real time? I'll leave that to you.
  15. I was going to post that myself and thought I should check if someone beat me to it.
  16. Skilled QBs on rookie contracts, functioning o-lines, and complete rosters are having success? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I liked Luvu more than 90% of the roster. That sentence can also double as a way to describe the panthers 2021-22 season.
  18. Is this a #flashbackfriday?
  19. Yep. That's priority for this dumpster franchise. Design/color of fabric. /s
  20. For people mentioning Gilmore... how does that trade work?
  21. Three on the top of my list are untradeable because of terrible, overpriced contracts.
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