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  1. I'd say he missed as many games as he did because of his value and contract. We were in a lost season. A lesser player plays more games.
  2. And while unpredictable, wasn't Gano injured shortly after? Butker decision would have been the right call in hindsight.
  3. Our kicker situation is a comedy of errors no matter your perspective. We went from asking Slye to kick 65 yarders to punting net 18 yards.
  4. Most frustration centers around keeping Gano over Butker.
  5. Talking about 500 games after a sample size of one game to predict touches over 17 games... come on, man. And, that would be a shocker to have usage and other records broken the season the season gains another game.
  6. Shame on you. I had completely forgotten that man until now.
  7. Maybe we wouldn't let the next one go to PS if we draft another elite kicker.
  8. Young doesn't always mean hungry. Greg Little showed nothing.
  9. Expected an unnecessary roughness or whatever they call it these days when you tackle the QB.
  10. If Rhule and Brady coached basketball in the 60s they'd implement four corner stall tactic after going up 2-0
  11. Coffee for breakfast and chili for lunch and dinner.
  12. I remember my thread suggesting we get trade value for Funchess in the 2018 offseason. Huddlers laughed at it. We missed out on not only getting value from a trade but it also stifled the development of DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel.
  13. While his grab didn't impede as much here, he still looks to lock in a full two-arm hug. That's optically worse than a sneakier trick that evades flag.
  14. I see automatic first down for the opponent.
  15. Yikes. Rappaport got blasted for sharing DMs of Durant behaving like a 12-year old. Sharpe puts what Julio assumed was a private conversation on live air.
  16. That season's RB injuries still makes me sad.
  17. Huh? He's had doubters for several years now and has performed worse as time goes on.
  18. I love a good-ole fashioned 6 WR set
  19. Oh wee mayne. lol what part of the country or which generation says this?
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