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  1. Burns would have to become a monster impact player for me to change my mind about passing up on that trade. A desperate Rams team giving up those picks (about to be yearly basement dwellers) and the savings of not having the huge contract.
  2. He was many Panthers fans' version of Patrick Mahomes as well.
  3. Thinking about it from a team-building view, I think a very good strategy would consist of: 1) Bring in a rookie QB and develop for a year 2) Sign a bridge free agent to a 2-3 year contract Assuming great coaching and solid roster, a free agent QB could significantly boost their market value in a one-year showcase year. You then trade that QB for draft compensation and you start that second-year QB. You then get three years of a rookie contract plus the one-year extension, which is huge for salary cap purposes.
  4. A vet QB in the room is different than a 1-2 year bridge starter. You think all these QBs are not day-one starters?
  5. From comments I'm hearing, it does sound like AR would require a bridge QB. Queue the incoming complaints from the people wanting a top QB and no free agent "retread". Some people can't be pleased.
  6. No it is not. Bennett is a shrimp compared to those former 6th/7th graders.
  7. I am nearly numb to worst case scenarios playing out. Yearly occurrence.
  8. Sam ain’t playing. So glad he’s gotten a chance with the new roster this year.
  9. Shaq’s laughable tackle attempt led to the later peanut punch. Lucky.
  10. I still remember when threads were saying Teddy didn't care about winning and that he wasn't passionate about the game. Then, he goes and puts his body on the line to fight for a late-game running first down. He was absolutely crushed in the process. Teddy was alright and I'm not one that believes it's a requirement to have an elite QB. If you're franchise is banking on that above all else, you're going to have a shitty team more than you're going to have an above average season.
  11. Greg Hardy could have been a mainstay on the UFC roster but just had the most unusual series of mishaps: DQ from an inhaler use (dumb cornermen), DQ for kneeing or kicking a downed opponent (inexperienced fighter), and comeback KO losses.
  12. The Rams are an excellent case study here. They sold out to go big in a short-window Super Bowl push. It worked (could have easily failed) and now you'll see what happens to a roster that does not have rookie contracts and/or ring-chasing vets. They are going to the bottom of the pile. Right next to us.
  13. I was saying it's likely we'll regret NOT trading Burns. I'm a believer in valuing draft picks due to the salary cap savings when you skew towards a younger roster.
  14. This likely won't age well when we see who gets drafted with those picks in the coming years.
  15. I've become accustomed to it, but damn, that's quite the stretch. That's like 7% of a lifespan. I just want to see one Super Bowl win...
  16. Haters looking at the end zone and saying a player is wide open without the context of the pass rush situation. Y'all are helpless.
  17. I'd rather have superior coaching, an effective system, great culture, and solid roster top to bottom, than swing for a home run QB talent. When you find one in a draft for cheap and have the other ingredients in place, you're a Super Bowl contender. Without, you can still be a dark horse contender and consistent playoff team. The Steelers are a good example under Tomlin.
  18. If we're back to building a contending roster, the "tons of cap space" will not be there. It can be better in the future by avoiding the few bad contracts we tend to give out. I swear we were paying for like 5 QBs at once and getting subpar performance from that position.
  19. I got one year out of the CMC jersey. That's my lesson to buy no more jerseys.
  20. We also asked him to regularly kick 80 yard field goals.
  21. Too bad it is past the trade deadline and we can't waste more draft picks on a one-year rental (Gilmore) during a lost season. /sarcasm
  22. Are you seriously saying we didn't already know PJ wasn't it? Jesus Christ.
  23. This is one of my concerns I had with Robbie's extension. Not only did I think it an overpay - it led to less reps and development for a high draft pick.
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