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  1. I think he's really energized to prove that he is far better than how the circumstances in NY reflected on him, and he knows this is likely his only real chance to do that. If not now, it's journeyman/backup QB city for him. If not here and now, it would take a lucky break/injury to come back. He better be ready to go, because this is his chance to stick as a starter in this league.
  2. The entire team should always be fluid. Grow/change/adapt or die in stagnation.
  3. This is how you find bargains and fill out the roster alongside the big money guys to give yourself the best chance at building a complete/competitive team.
  4. I always wanted to be loved by the anonymous masses.
  5. Drivers can be really careless. It's risky to share the road as a biker. You've got to be vigilant (and lucky). Hope he pulls through.
  6. That's the adventure of sport (and life). You never know exactly how things will unfold. Not knowing keeps you engaged - for better or worse.
  7. No judgment about his personal/legal issues because it would only be hearsay on my part. As for the player, I love him. As for the cost to get him, I'd rather not.
  8. I think it's a question (regarding Moton on the left) of if we're better with a good/very good LT in Moton and an adequate RT (in whomever) or if we're better with an excellent RT and (hopefully) a serviceable rotation @ LT. Scheme will matter too, of course. If we're consistently helping out the LT when called for, we may be better off leaving Moton on the right. It will surely be interesting to see how the OL develops. Other than Darnold, it may be the area I'm most interested in seeing how it unfolds.
  9. Can you imagine their fan base if Darnold lights them up, ho boy! (Can you imagine ours if Darnold throws no TDs and a few picks?!?) There will surely be some overreactions from one or both fan bases.
  10. He most certainly doesn't get the level of respect he deserves. He just goes out there and gets it done.
  11. Grier just doesn't look as if he belongs anywhere near the NFL. Nothing personal against the guy - most of us don't. I just think we'd be better off looking elsewhere for depth at the position. (probably at both spots if we're keeping 3 QBs - I'd rather we just keep 2 though.)
  12. Do they know how to adjust to careers outside the NFL?
  13. I really expect our defense to lay some wood this year, inasmuch as defenses are allowed to play anymore. Got those rookie learning curves under our belt in some spots and brought in some good new pieces along with some more familiarity with Snow and his ways. I expect some exciting performances from that side of the ball this season.
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