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  1. I've been very optimistic since the Rhule hire - and then the Hurney release (+ Fitt). The shift in overall energy is palpable. (in addition to some very practical evidence) And good energy precedes good things. I honestly expect a deep playoff run within the next 3 seasons. As with all things though, the unfolding isn't so easy to see with certainty. Just enjoy the ride, good or bad.
  2. Yeah, I think it's obvious that we need to be flipping all the stones we can to solidify that position group. I've warmed up to the prospects of Darnold - at least to the point of having some hope, but I'm not confident that we'd be okay if he went down. It could get pretty ugly.
  3. I get so tired of this, "Should we have tried to win a football game?" f*cking horsesh*t conversation in all its forms. Yes, yes would should step onto the field trying to win the f*cking game.
  4. Can't wait until we stomp a mud-hole in the Saints a couple of times this year. (hopefully)
  5. I'm all about "vibe" in life. I listen to my instincts and intuition in dealing with people and situations. Rhule has the vibe of a winner imho. He's passionate and committed to doing what it takes to get the job done. If he's give sufficient time, I have little doubt that we'll be happy with the results.
  6. We don't know how any of the rookies will pan out.
  7. Whatever the dynamics/chemistry of the war room, I feel like it's a hell of a soup we got cooking in there. More of that please!
  8. And *every* year there are surprises!
  9. There is certainly an energy to this group - from front office to player personnel and all throughout - that is of a different vibe, in a good way, than anything we've experienced imho. Things feel hopeful, exciting, electric. Whether we see immediate fruits this season or not doesn't really matter. I think good things are on the horizon.
  10. The whole premise of trading down is just an acknowledgment of the impossibility of getting it all right, a softening of ego - which is a good thing in any endeavor. Understanding that your abilities to see clearly are flawed/incomplete and therefore require a compensatory effect. (getting more picks in this case) It has been proven repeatedly that talent evaluation is more art than science, and there's plenty of room for interpretation and error. With that understanding, you mitigate your risk - you "anti-Hurney". I love our new GM already!
  11. Punts are becoming sort of a unicorn sighting in the NFL anyway - relatively speaking, anyway.
  12. It's always good to have a bit of nasty. I think he'll be a gem.
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