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  1. Love a young franchise QB. Don't love what I imagine we'll pay for this one. Interesting times for Panthers' fans for sure though. Let the drama unfold.
  2. Not speaking to the players in the mock, but I'd love to get Lance and a load of picks in this year's draft. I'd much rather go that route than get Watson at the probable asking price.
  3. I think you try to build a team as efficiently as possible, spending your assets (cap room/players in trade/picks/etc) as wisely as you are able. If we're able to get a QB we want to build around without being careless, I'm all for it. But sometimes doing nothing is the winning move when considering the big picture/long game.
  4. I know it's easy to hate on Hurney - and with good reason, but he does have a track record of some value. Granted, it's limited mostly to his first round picks, and that's counterbalanced very heavily by many major head-scratchers, for sure. But, I'd welcome his voice in the room on a very limited scale. But yeah, Washington has been a proper mess for a good while now, and probably not seeing any real daylight from it anytime soon.
  5. I'm definitely in the trade down/accumulate picks camp. Too many needs. If a QB we like (Lance?) is sitting there at 8, I wouldn't have a problem with taking him and trading back in later rounds though.
  6. I tell Houston, "Good luck." and hang up the phone.
  7. It's all just hypotheticals at the moment. I'll just say that all I want is for the Panthers to win games, and ultimately a Super Bowl, but I don't think this is the best path there. Whatever happens, I hope it works out for the best.
  8. Man, if anything, I'd rather go after a Minshew or Trubisky and trade **down** to get more picks. I want a team - not just a QB. I'm concerned I'm going to be disappointed this off-season one way or another with all this aggressive speculation. Oh well, it's fun drama.
  9. I'm not a fan of Wentz really, but I am a huge fan of Reich. Best possible landing spot, and Reich will likely get the best out of him.
  10. What was the Texans' record last year? An elite QB is crucial, but it takes a team - a concept that may be compromised by the loss of assets and cap.
  11. In an NFL/football forum, people talking about and sharing their interest in the NFL/football seems quite reasonable. People never cease to amaze. I rarely comment (or give any attention to) on any of the pettiness that often goes on around here though. I'd rather just let people have their own energy and dwell in their own misery than absorb any of it into myself. I guess we're all on our own journey though.
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