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  1. I'm a huge soccer fan, but I moved out of the area last year and that has diminished some of my excitement sadly. I still look forward to it, and I think Charlotte has excellent demographics potential to provide great support for the team, but I guess time will tell. I've checked in on this board occasionally, and I'll just say I hope it's not an indicator of overall fan support, lol. But I'll pull for CFC along with my Everton Blues and the Swedish national team.
  2. Just let Fitt do his thing and trade down 45 times and pick him up early with one of those bonus selections.
  3. All teams have vulnerabilities - you can't be *everything*. Knowing that, those weaknesses will be found and probed. It's a matter of making adjustments as best as you can - adapting on an ongoing basis. You can't be stagnant in this league. You'll get eaten up.
  4. It was just a single game in a 17 games season. We played well in areas and were disadvantaged by some things outside our control. (officiating) No reason to be down on the Panthers if you have any objectivity. And Dallas is good (ugh), despite the edge they were given in some instances, and it was a road game against that good team. If we made a 3rd down stop late, we'd have gotten the ball with an opportunity to tie, despite everything. I see lots of positives. No one is going 17-0. (this year, imho)
  5. Many things can't be reduced to a number, despite how some feel.
  6. Yes, I'm sold. His track record speaks for itself, and he's just got an *obvious* hunger to succeed in his work. I think he's got his weaknesses, like everyone. I think he believes so strongly in "his way/process" that when/if things don't turn out according to script, he can be at a bit of a loss as to how to approach/handle things. But overall, he's an excellent leader and delegator. He displays great faith in those whom he leads, and I see that often translates to the performance and belief of those individuals in themselves. There is an atmosphere that he fosters that is very conducive to positive vibes and expectations, and those sentiments go along way towards the realization of success imho.
  7. Well, on the bright side, it's a new regime, and I don't expect them to have the same degree of negligence. I know it's frustrating, but you can't fix everything at once.
  8. That's exactly the way I've felt as this early season has unfolded. The bright side of this disaster is that we can imagine what Darnold is really capable of once we get the line sorted. I mean, what's his ceiling?!?
  9. Anybody on our schedule can beat us, and we can beat anyone too. 3-0 doesn't mean anything. Plenty of teams crumble from early success and many rise from poor starts. One opponent, one play at a time. I thought we would really struggle against New Orleans, but we dominated. I don't try to forecast too much because it's an exercise in futility. I just enjoy the ride. I will say that *if* we win, it will likely be due to consistent pressure on Dak. Fail to do that, and it will probably be a frustrating day.
  10. Just think of it like this. We drafted our starting (and hopefully franchise) QB and one of our two long-term starting corners with next year's 2nd and 3rd. We got to draft *BEFORE* everyone else.
  11. I'm generally optimistic, and I love the aggressiveness of this organization as it currently exists. (on and off the field) However, the NFL is a humbling league. It doesn't take much to undo things. An injury here or there. A couple of unlucky breaks. I hope we're a playoff team, but all we are at the moment is 3-0.
  12. Yeah, this team may carry the moniker "Carolina Panthers", but it's clearly a new team...in all the best ways.
  13. I think this is an acknowledgment of how big of a loss Horn will really be for our defense. It would cause ripples throughout and fundamentally change what we are capable of on that side of the ball.
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