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  1. Pound for pound, and accounting for surrounding team(s), it's hard to argue anyone was better than 89, at any position...ever. He's certainly on a short list for me - no pun intended.
  2. OP, you are the enemy of dark theme. That is all. :P
  3. I'm sold on Rhule, Fit and co. Sooner or later, we're going to reap the rewards. How long? Time will tell...
  4. Can you imagine the play-action, lol. If they stay healthy, that offense will be a tough nut to crack, for sure.
  5. I remember getting really into the USFL back then. I adopted the Michigan Panthers (and Bobby Hebert) as my team. (They even won the first title.) Who knew that Carolina would get a team and also be called the Panthers. It was destiny.
  6. I really just think of him as a versatile "roamer". Just put him out there and let him do his brand of damage.
  7. I'd never block anyone. Everyone can have their own voice. If I get tired of it, I just:
  8. There are going to be some busts in our draft. Just the nature of the beast. Maybe those two, maybe some others. All the more reason I'm so happy we traded down and got more options.
  9. Ron's strengths are very strong...it's just that his weakness are as well, and they undermine his good attributes to such an extent that it prevents him from reaching greatness as a coach imho.
  10. Everyone has blind spots. When the way you approach life has worked before, there can be a tendency to get stuck in your ways. Unfortunately for those who do, life is dynamic - not static. Better dance to the fiddler as he plays.
  11. Yeah that was great. I thought about listing that moment as well.
  12. I'll skip the obvious and more recent ones. I'll go back to the second year in 1996 when we beat San Francisco twice to win the NFC West. And then when we went up 7-0 on the frozen tundra in Green Bay on the Collins to Howard Griffith td pass in the NFC title game, I thought for a moment, "Holy crap! We might go to the Super Bowl in our second year." Of course it was all down hill in that game from there.
  13. It's a QB league, but maybe the Panthers feel like we've got a better QB than what was available @ 8. If they're right, they made a good decision. We'll see. (I agree with passing on Fields, fwiw.)
  14. Yes. Considering how hard it is to get an upper echelon QB, it makes sense to try to develop as complete a team as you can while taking chances at finding the field general to lead the group. (through the draft, trades, FA) Most teams don't have true franchise QBs anyway, so you might as well work on making the rest of the pieces as good as you are able while you hunt.
  15. No big deal to me. Whenever two people/entities go in separate directions there will be differing points of view and/or some bitterness/frustration about how things worked out. That's just the nature of endings.
  16. I've been very optimistic since the Rhule hire - and then the Hurney release (+ Fitt). The shift in overall energy is palpable. (in addition to some very practical evidence) And good energy precedes good things. I honestly expect a deep playoff run within the next 3 seasons. As with all things though, the unfolding isn't so easy to see with certainty. Just enjoy the ride, good or bad.
  17. I think his nickname should just be simple..."Beef".
  18. Yeah, I think it's obvious that we need to be flipping all the stones we can to solidify that position group. I've warmed up to the prospects of Darnold - at least to the point of having some hope, but I'm not confident that we'd be okay if he went down. It could get pretty ugly.
  19. I get so tired of this, "Should we have tried to win a football game?" f*cking horsesh*t conversation in all its forms. Yes, yes would should step onto the field trying to win the f*cking game.
  20. Can't wait until we stomp a mud-hole in the Saints a couple of times this year. (hopefully)
  21. I'm all about "vibe" in life. I listen to my instincts and intuition in dealing with people and situations. Rhule has the vibe of a winner imho. He's passionate and committed to doing what it takes to get the job done. If he's give sufficient time, I have little doubt that we'll be happy with the results.
  22. We don't know how any of the rookies will pan out.
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