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  1. You can only do so much as a single player on the field. What you are surrounded with impacts your performance. Given our putrid O-line and QB play during his tenure *and* his overall performance in *that* setting, I'd say he's more than warranted getting paid. Granted, you've got to think of the big picture when roster building, and contracts factor into who you keep or not, but he's more than worthy of being paid, whether we end up doing so or not.
  2. I've been a proponent of giving him another year, but I do have to say his decision making often seems *frantic* and lacking in clear-headed, long-term thinking. It gives off the air of someone who is desperate and knows that they don't know what they're doing sometimes.
  3. Well, he is the son of a preacher man. (I think I'm remembering right?) And they're known for often laying it on pretty thick. But you can be a bit of a used car salesman at the podium and still be a good coach. They're not necessarily mutually exclusive. I still think he deserves another full season + before rendering any definitive verdict.
  4. I'm always leery of shelling out big cash to guys coming off a contract year.
  5. Energy (emotion) is so important in everything in life. It's the driver of behavior that may embody a passionate expression or even (apparently) intellectual/logical pursuits. We're energetic beings, and the game of football is highly passionate for many who play (and for fans) as well. Having the surge of energy from Cam's homecoming cannot be underestimated. Who knows how long or how intense that fire will burn, but it's certainly a catalyst for change within the team.
  6. You know, this is such a feel good story for Panther fans, obviously. I just hope the clock doesn't strike midnight for a while. Let us dream a while football gods.
  7. Yep, right time, right place matter so much in life/success. I'm not suggesting Brady isn't a very talented QB, but he landed in the perfect spot (in NE with BB), and last year he benefited from a team of mercenaries. He's always had outstanding and very fortunate surroundings. I've always been in the BB>>TB camp. Look at the year without TB in '08. They won 11 games with Matt Cassel. (The following year they won 10 *with* Brady.)
  8. Yes, I'm in the same position. People think you can redirect a massive ship in the blink of an eye. There are so many moving parts to an NFL organization, and you often can't fix everything in the way that you'd *like* overnight. So sometimes you take some risks/gambles because they are your best/only options, and they might work or they might not. You hope to tread water as best as you are able while you wait for that life preserver (franchise QB) to come to the rescue. If this organization was run the way many on here seem to prefer, we'd have a new coach/front office/QB/everything after every loss. I get it. Fans will be fans. But there are winners and losers every Sunday and every season. Jumping from one leader to another doesn't afford any opportunity to build something successful. I mean look at the league this year. The Chiefs are 6-4...ONE game better than us. And they have Mahomes, for gods sake. The 49ers were only recently in the Super Bowl and they're 3-5. Everyone moans over the fact that we couldn't get Herbert, and they're 1/2 a game better than us. The Bucs just lost to the Redskins. (WFT, excuse me.) The Titans lost to the Jets. Just a few examples. It's a tough league, and every team is scratching and clawing to win/be relevant every.single.year.
  9. I think we could have done better to address the position (Trubisky/Minshew), but realistically the pickings were slim. You can only work with the options available to you. It's hard to fault a staff when there aren't many (or any) legitimate options imho.
  10. Just more evidence against rash, knee-jerk decisions. In life and in sport, people often want results immediately, with no awareness of "process" or any patience. "We lost a game. Fire him!" Having said that, as much as I love having Cam back - however brief it may be, I think the feel good won't last too long, and not entirely because of him, mind you. But seeing him step out onto the field for the Panthers again will be a nostalgic, if bittersweet, moment.
  11. If it happens, it will not be a pleasant reunion for Cam or Panther fans - as much as I'd love a fairy tale comeback.
  12. I think a lot of fans don't understand just how little it takes to nudge things in a particular direction. A holding call or two at the right time (on either side of the ball) can have massive repercussions and decide the outcome of the game. And I don't even think the NFL cares about controlling/influencing *EVERY* outcome, but they surely have their fingerprints all over plenty of contests, when it benefits their vision for their product, no doubt about it imho.
  13. I was hopeful with Darnold early on, but I think, after some longer observation, that there is just something about his personality (not talking about his play in this) that doesn't elicit respect from his teammates. You've got to have that *leader* vibe @ the QB position, and he just seems to be missing that "gene" - in addition to his carelessness with the football / poor reads. Nothing against him as a person, I'm just speaking football-relative.
  14. It's funny. Sometimes doing nothing is the best option. Teddy may have failed to excite, but he wasn't a mistake machine. I think this team (on both sides of the ball) would have more fire had we kept him for this season.
  15. We could have had both Minshew and Trubisky for relative peanuts. We'd have been better off.
  16. I just treat the NFL as entertainment. It's fun rooting for a team and having some (figurative...and *small*) skin in the game, but you get no life points for being hardcore to your own suffering. It's their job to entertain *ME*. If they don't, I breathe easy and don't worry about it at all.
  17. I know it's the nature of the NFL - and sports in general - but people are just *so* impatient. Often you jump out of one (perceived) bad situation and into a worse one.
  18. I'm a huge soccer fan, but I moved out of the area last year and that has diminished some of my excitement sadly. I still look forward to it, and I think Charlotte has excellent demographics potential to provide great support for the team, but I guess time will tell. I've checked in on this board occasionally, and I'll just say I hope it's not an indicator of overall fan support, lol. But I'll pull for CFC along with my Everton Blues and the Swedish national team.
  19. Just let Fitt do his thing and trade down 45 times and pick him up early with one of those bonus selections.
  20. All teams have vulnerabilities - you can't be *everything*. Knowing that, those weaknesses will be found and probed. It's a matter of making adjustments as best as you can - adapting on an ongoing basis. You can't be stagnant in this league. You'll get eaten up.
  21. It was just a single game in a 17 games season. We played well in areas and were disadvantaged by some things outside our control. (officiating) No reason to be down on the Panthers if you have any objectivity. And Dallas is good (ugh), despite the edge they were given in some instances, and it was a road game against that good team. If we made a 3rd down stop late, we'd have gotten the ball with an opportunity to tie, despite everything. I see lots of positives. No one is going 17-0. (this year, imho)
  22. Many things can't be reduced to a number, despite how some feel.
  23. Yes, I'm sold. His track record speaks for itself, and he's just got an *obvious* hunger to succeed in his work. I think he's got his weaknesses, like everyone. I think he believes so strongly in "his way/process" that when/if things don't turn out according to script, he can be at a bit of a loss as to how to approach/handle things. But overall, he's an excellent leader and delegator. He displays great faith in those whom he leads, and I see that often translates to the performance and belief of those individuals in themselves. There is an atmosphere that he fosters that is very conducive to positive vibes and expectations, and those sentiments go along way towards the realization of success imho.
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