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  1. Anybody on our schedule can beat us, and we can beat anyone too. 3-0 doesn't mean anything. Plenty of teams crumble from early success and many rise from poor starts. One opponent, one play at a time. I thought we would really struggle against New Orleans, but we dominated. I don't try to forecast too much because it's an exercise in futility. I just enjoy the ride. I will say that *if* we win, it will likely be due to consistent pressure on Dak. Fail to do that, and it will probably be a frustrating day.
  2. Just think of it like this. We drafted our starting (and hopefully franchise) QB and one of our two long-term starting corners with next year's 2nd and 3rd. We got to draft *BEFORE* everyone else.
  3. I'm generally optimistic, and I love the aggressiveness of this organization as it currently exists. (on and off the field) However, the NFL is a humbling league. It doesn't take much to undo things. An injury here or there. A couple of unlucky breaks. I hope we're a playoff team, but all we are at the moment is 3-0.
  4. Yeah, this team may carry the moniker "Carolina Panthers", but it's clearly a new team...in all the best ways.
  5. I think this is an acknowledgment of how big of a loss Horn will really be for our defense. It would cause ripples throughout and fundamentally change what we are capable of on that side of the ball.
  6. Yeah, a lot of RBs need consistent touches to find that flow. I think he (and Freeman) will hold things down while CMC is out. You can't replace his impact on things, but you adjust and keep pounding. That's just the NFL.
  7. In *today's* NFL, you are given 17 points for stepping on the field. This D is playing phenomenal and has the chance to be really special. (Hope Horn's injury doesn't hurt too bad.)
  8. I guess we'll find out. I love his athletic ability, but I wasn't sold on him overall. Either way, it looks like we got a good one in Horn, and Darnold is playing well, so I'll count my blessings.
  9. The majority of NFL defenses *respond* to offenses. This defense feels different. It *dictates* to the offense. It's flipped upside down. Most defenses don't even have that capacity. It's early, but I like the trajectory - dating back to Snow's hire.
  10. But we should have traded everything for him... /s I always wanted Minshew/Trubisky, but I think Darnold is going to end up being the better option if this small sample size is indicative of things to come. And I think he's better than anyone we could have drafted (at our spot) as well. I never wanted Jones or Fields.
  11. For me, good defense is all about deception/confusion (along with the players of course), and Snow is as good as anyone I've seen in causing uncertainty for opposing offenses.
  12. Quickness and violent impact make a huge difference. Not all guys are prepared to really "bring it".
  13. Rhule comes off to me as a guy who's absolutely obsessed, even relative to the general NFL standards of obsession you must possess to exist as a head coach in this league. I just hope his fire doesn't burn too bright and extinguish too soon. Everyone is human and has their limits.
  14. Guys like Snow make you wonder how many "mad geniuses" are hiding under the rocks that never get a real chance to shine.
  15. That play will be etched in my gray matter until I'm dead and gone. The most impressive aspect of that play wasn't even the play by itself, it was the fact that Smitty was playing with that intensity and fire when we were getting blown out late in the 4th. GOAT.
  16. We've had some good fortune in terms of early scheduling/injuries. And I think this is exactly what a young and developing team really needed in order to grow into their self-belief. Sometimes you have to SEE that you are what you think you can be in order to fully buy in, but once you see it, all doubt vanishes, and there's no stopping you. Having 2 rookie QBs making their first start in the first 3 weeks is exactly that kind of cocktail, and it could propel a very interesting run this season.
  17. As a defense-first type of fan, it warms my heart. I hope we keep it up all year.
  18. It's an NFL game on the road. Better go in there all business, no matter who lines up against you.
  19. If he continues like this, we found our franchise QB on the scrap heap. What a minor miracle that would be.
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