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  1. My wish would be all Panther fans. Reality 30% Washington 69% Panther and we always have a few that wear jerseys of other teams.
  2. I also watched the game last night and I don't think the Panthers have ever gotten close to the home cookin that the Steelers got.
  3. I guess he knows who I was calling cray cray!
  4. You are just so funny! Missed your calling and became an asshole!
  5. I mean this man is speaking the truth some of you are cray cray!
  6. All good brother I have tough skin. I said what I said. These guys are just monday morning quarterback's, Internet GM's, Keyboard badasses. You are correct they try to jump onto everyone behind that screen. Bet cha it would be different in person. SMFH
  7. Some of you need to lighten up!! Of course I knew you would react this way.
  8. Why the hell did Kristen Balboni (on the radio) report that Christian McCaffrey was jumping up and down on the sideline when we scored in the forth? His ass better be sitting in a bath healing that hammy! He don't need to get hurt again jumping up and down because we put a drive together and tried to make it a game. Thoughts?
  9. Since CMC will never be playing again we loose by like 100 or something.
  10. I don't think a few days will help some of them. Maybe a year for a few.
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