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  1. yay. another reminder of things we used to have going for us.
  2. No, we're the most miserable. No present, no prospects , no chance, no hope as long as Matt Ruhle is HC.
  3. This guy...and he's already ontrack to board the Panthers apathy train:
  4. I was a Steelers fan before my homecity got a team so I pull for them when the Panthers aren't involved. Being said, they are probably getting kilt by the Chiefs. Guess the best pairing for an exciting SB is Chiefs/Packers.
  5. I just can't believe you put 3rd quarter and efficiency in the same sentence.
  6. I guess we're the one team set for 3rd string QB next year.
  7. Al Davis never said "Just tie, baby."
  8. Ah well, Bucs score here and I'm gonna just go watch NFL greatest ejections on YouTube or something.
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