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  1. SF needs to try and stick with the run.
  2. Should be no more than a 1 point game right now (if Jimmy took better care of the ball).
  3. Jimmy trying to give the game away (again).
  4. SF second half game plan: More running, less Jimmy.
  5. Yeah, Jimmy is Rhule's kinda QB. Rhule: We can fix him! We'll treat Jimmy like a rookie!
  6. 49ers D is keeping their team in this game. Meanwhile, Jimmy is doing whatever he can to help the Packers out. 1st down in the red zone and JG throws an interception rather than throwing it out of bounds on a broken play? Had a minimum of 3 points if he had kept his cool. Positively Sam Darnold like.
  7. Regardless, Ben is now the most NFL capable coach working for the Panthers organization.
  8. At this point the only conclusion that can be drawn is that Tepper is clueless when it comes to overseeing the football side of an NFL franchise. Looking at Hurney's long record of mediocrity and believing "this is the guy I want by my side to pick the next HC" is baffling to say the least. Especially for an owner that has unlimited resources to bring in top flight NFL experts to lead the search. Now Tepper is doubling down on Rhule, a man that has managed to lose to 7 of the last 8 coaches fired in the NFL. No Panthers coach has ever been retained after failing to win less than 6 games. Matt Rhule has done it twice and Tepper has failed to hold him accountable. TL/DR: Panthers don't so much have a coaching problem as they do an ownership problem (and that's much worse).
  9. What do the Giants think they're doing? Picking a GM before they decide on a coach? Weird. Signed: David Tepper
  10. Chances are Rhule is afraid to hire a competent NFL OC. Someone who knows more than he does and is a threat to replace him as HC. .
  11. Dave Tepper needs to step in at this point and pull the plug on the Matt Rhule Comedy Show.
  12. Seeing this guy reminds me of my youth when the Charlotte O's minor league baseball team (Jim Crockett Park) would find fans to come out on the field in those Sumo Wrestling outfits. It was entertaining and humorous. Maybe Matt and Ben could do something like that during halftime to entertain the fans?
  13. The legend of Jake Delhomme puttin' a curse on the AZ Cardinals must be true. Don't mess with people from Louisiana!
  14. Is that you Matt? If this post is any indication, life must be challenging for you. Spending your free time defending perceived figures of authority who are obviously bad at their jobs. By the way I'm not "attacking" anyone's "character". These people are not good at their jobs and criticizing their poor results is the right of every fan.
  15. The Panthers choices next season under Rhule's leadership amount to this: Failure and embarrassment w/Darnold under center. Or Failure and embarrassment w/(insert name here) AND wasted cap space/future picks.
  16. There's no way to know that Rhule won't botch this up as well.
  17. Holy cow dude! Is this the way you live your life? Tepper isn't a god, neither is Rhule or Fitterer. They are running an entertainment business, nothing more. The product they've been selling these last several years is poo. If Panthers fans want to criticize the organization for providing a half ass product AND failing to make the necessary changes to improve, it is well within our rights. In fact, meekly acquiescing to such blatant incompetence is an abdication of our responsibility as fans.
  18. Good for you! FYI: I'm not putting down my team, I'm calling balls and strikes. Rhule is a bad coach and should've been gone last Monday. Ignoring reality, that Matt Rhule is out of his depth as HC, isn't going to make things any better for the Panthers. On the contrary, it will only make things worse.
  19. No, because any team with a coach as bad as Rhule has already fired them.
  20. Doesn't get anymore Cowboys than believing you can spot your own ball.
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