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  1. I know as Panthers fans we're not used to it, but this is what good teams do, beat the teams they're expected to beat.
  2. Brady's safety blanket, CMC, was just taken away from him. Not only that, CMC's backups will now get some playing time/experience before the team reaches the more challenging part of the schedule. None of that is a bad thing. Also, Sam will have to rely more on the rest of his numerous weapons, hopefully developing a stronger chemistry with them. Yeah, the learning curve just got a little steeper for several Panther players and coaches, but it's not insurmountable and could set this team up for success later this year. Being less dependent on CMC in order to win will make this team more flexible and dynamic. Finally, when CMC returns, hopefully we won't have to run him into the ground, allowing him to remain healthy and fresh down the stretch and into the post season.
  3. Panthers can only play the teams on the schedule. The championship Patriots and 49ers teams don't have an asterisk next to their victories in the record books for having played a soft schedule either. So far the D is bringing it every week unlike past Panther teams that had a tendency to play down to the competition. Rhule has these guys prepped and RTG regardless.
  4. Halftime reality check for Rhule and the Panthers. Better come out with a plan for scoring that doesn't include CMC.
  5. Good coaches talk often about developing talent. But the logic breaks down when you apply it to only the people who score about 66% of your points. Kickers, for now, remain a psychologically tortured outlier without much reprieve. Yeah, when this kicker carousel started spinning earlier this year, thought Panthers might do well to bring in John Kasay as a consultant. Who better to analyze kicking candidates than a highly successful kicker and local legend? Having him on staff to coach up our kicker would be even better, especially if the cost is negligible.
  6. Sadly, still appears to be better than the Panthers current kicker.
  7. Yeah, I realize that, and yet somehow Panthers managed to sign a guy that still can't manage to kick the ball beyond the back of the end zone (and bonus, misses pats too). Our kicking game seems to be stuck in reverse.
  8. You know the old saying: On any given Thursday If this were your Father's Panthers I'd be expecting Davis Mills to have MVP performance.
  9. It was definitely a Fox thing. Now, while I don't recall Rivera doing it, it may have happened. Both John Rivera and Ron Fox were so similar it is easy to get them confused with one another.
  10. The secret to success in the NFL: Win all the games you're supposed to win and a few more that your not. Hopefully the many years of watching the Panthers playing down to their competition are over.
  11. There was a time when kickoffs traveling beyond the opponents end zone was uncommon. Seems like most kickers these days can do it if called on to do so. Doesn't seem like it would be in the Panthers best interests to commit to any kicker that is incapable of doing it consistently (if at all).
  12. So, knowing what we know now, should the Panthers try to resign Joey Slye when the Texans Fairbairn comes off IR? Might only be another week or two before that happens. https://www.si.com/nfl/texans/news/meet-houston-new-kicker-joey-slye-news
  13. If we had a decent kicker things wouldn't look so grim right now. Barring a total special teams meltdown, Chase likely has at least till the end of the season to redeem himself. At that point he may decide to "dedicate more time to his family".
  14. Welp, it's official. Donte must be on his way out... "I thought Donte Jackson really showed up in the run game," Rhule said. "when you have a premier cover corner who will also tackle, ... I mean he triggered on the run, triggered on the balls in the flat, I was really, really, really, really pleased with the way Donte played." That's four reallys, in case you were counting. That's a good way to gauge how pleased Rhule is with a particular thing.
  15. This "one player away" thinking is what got the last GM fired (twice).
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9e0gIX3oAI
  17. Ok, I'll do it. I don't think it's going out on a limb here to say: The Panthers D is very much improved and the O much better than last year. If Carolina can tighten up that O line and special teams, Panthers will be in contention for the post season.
  18. This! I appreciate QBs that don't let occasional turnovers rattle them. Turnovers are gonna happen, it's part of the game.
  19. Phil Snow is the secret sauce on the Panthers pie.
  20. D was outstanding today! O had some good drives and put points on the board when they were needed. D kept Saints on their heels for most of the game. We're watching this team grow up before our very eyes people!
  21. Meh, he's a rookie and there is still a long season ahead. If Deonte doesn't see the field before mid season that'll be another subject.
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