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  1. well we fixed the 2nd biggest problem by re-signing Cam, unfortunately the biggest problem is still in charge
  2. Buzzing after that, fantastic win! Darnold is done. PJ was excellent, but my god what an emotional lift Cam has given this whole franchise. There's just a completely different feel with him back
  3. Just when I thought I was out... ...they keep dragging me back in
  4. I would be trying to sign him just so he doesn't end up on the Saints roster
  5. Nothing will make me quit, but if we were to trade #8 to the Saints I would be furious for an extremely long time
  6. What a cracking piece of news. Bloody delighted to have the trade confirmed
  7. That reads to me as "we've tried getting you a move and no one is taking you at that hit, go you and find someone and work out a restructure you're happy with and then come back to us" So a post 6/1 cut incoming
  8. I'm sure Fitterer said in his 1st press conference that he has a preference for taking a QB at some point in every draft whether that bd in the 1st, the 3rd or late day 3
  9. That is somewhat more expensive than I would like as they're not taking Teddy. Obviously now he'll be a post june 1st cut but still Draft suddenly became exciting again
  10. Everyone there to see Wilson and we sign the WR Rhule out there playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers
  11. Yeah but me being from the UK made it so easy to root for him
  12. Was still hoping he'd be back, so this is disappointing
  13. Probably least surprising news of the off season considering his cap hit & injuries
  14. Gotta get over the Washington game, they literally threw the game to us. Us winning that game was all down to how utterly dreadful Washington were
  15. Texans and Philly only jobs left, I'd say Brady is here next season
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