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  1. If we kept Joe we would be knocked even further out the race, Robby.
  2. Blame Brown. Dude is not making an impact at all. I knew he wasn't supposed to be a big sack numbers guy, but the other team running straight at him and succeeding almost every time is concerning.
  3. And our talent will continue to be wasted and used incorrectly as long as that moron is here.
  4. Seriously, there is no point in keeping Rhule for another year. What you are seeing now will be what you see for as long as he is here.
  5. Yeah, they fired the wrong guy. Brady still needed to go, of course. But Rhule is running this team into the ground with his awful personnel and in-game decisions.
  6. He’s a tackle you dumb fugs. Don’t wanna hear poo about “short arms”.
  7. Seriously, I really wish the media would quit being afraid to ask him the obvious.
  8. This clown will prevent us from going anywhere past the wild card, at BEST. We wont win anything as long as he is the head coach. doesn't matter who the QB is.
  9. Lol but Erving and Daley ARE left tackles?
  10. We had to move on, it was just time. It was clear we were not going anywhere with him after 2015. But if it comes down to Rivera vs. Rhule, give me Rivera 10 times out of 10.
  11. Yeah, coaches certainly have a great track record after leaving Belichick.
  12. If he didn’t see it coming that Nick Richards, JT Thor and Cody Martin would dominate the NBA, I don’t know what to tell him.
  13. Thor gets in before Bouknight with our top 3 guards out. Just don't get it
  14. If we get blown out at home by the falcons, Rhule’s postgame interview will be a goodbye speech.
  15. I never want to see Sam in a panthers jersey every again unless it’s Sam Howell.
  16. If this current line is our line next year and Rhule is still HC I’m taking the year off.
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