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  1. The police statement is damning. He had two images shared on discord and they found three more on another device. Lock him up.
  2. Yea. Dan Mullen kept starting Franks over Trask and then started Jones over Richardson. He made terrible calls at QB and had to be forced to go to Trask and never wanted to go to Richardson.
  3. You think Florida fans don’t know our team is trash? You guys were expected to win. Folks here keep thinking beating Florida is like playing us in the early 2000s . We are well past us being a 10-11 win team every year. We won 6 games last season. We won 6 games so far this year. You guys won 10 last year and had your QB returning lmao. It’s hard to be embarrassed when we knew we weren’t winning. And Richardson outplayed Levis against all common opponents.
  4. I’m not asking for us to draft Richardson at all, no.
  5. “I’m done playing with these bums at Kentucky”.
  6. I hear this but we are the 17th best defense in the NFL right now from a PPG standpoint. Last year we were 18th. We are 18th in interceptions this year, we are 30th in fumbles. This year we have Brown playing much better up the middle and Horn has played most of this season compared to last season. Burns is even better this year, too. And yet, we are a middle of the field defense. DJ Moore is significantly better than Mooney or Claypool and our offensive line absolutely destroys the O-line of the Bears. *IF* Fields were the pick and he developed through two years like he is trending now, with our weapons and much better o-line to protect him I don’t think the defense would be significantly worse and I think our offense would be significantly better. Plus, all those drives he extends with his legs when needed would give our defense a rest from all the three an outs we’ve had the past five years. If you want a spot to doubt this you can point to Matt Rhule having never developed offensive systems at any stop he’s been in and he has relied on Phil Snow at every level to make a good defense. So there is a chance maybe Fields would still suck here but he lived through Matt Nagy, into a new regime that didn’t put anything around him in year one, and things are still trending up for him. Bottom line, our defense has great top end pieces. It’s time to get a top end QB. I can’t wait for the draft.
  7. I mean he was pretty lockdown when he played last year, too. My only concern with him is he keeps missing time. If it happens again next year its a huge trend for him and its hard to pay him elite money for a CB if he’s often unavailable.
  8. If he’s there around 10-15 you snag him and get excited about the next 10 years.
  9. Being optimistic sounds exhausting? I can’t imagine what life is like for downers to go through their day to day being negative about everything.
  10. Nobody can tell me what to be excited for. But yea when they get here, when we got them no longer matters. If they show some reason to be excited for, I will be.
  11. To each their own about what can or can’t excite you. I find ways to be optimistic about most things.
  12. If the new regime and GM all agree he’s the guy I don’t care where they draft him. Just get me somebody to be excited about.
  13. Z. Wilson, Trey Lance, Wentz, Jordan Love hurts the small school blow up stats guys chances of getting picked high. Too many times a guy in college heads out west and just dominates statistically. Nix has benefit from this as well.
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