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    He’s 6’1” and maybe 220. He’s gotta be smart with his body like last night in order to endure an NFL season.
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/09/11/all-22-film-returning-soon-to-game-pass/ I doubt they actually release it.
  3. Darnold threw for almost 300 yards and didn’t turn it over in the air. We didn’t hand it off to a fullback on 4th down. The ball was pushed downfield throughout the game. The TEs got some love today. CMac didn’t carry the team on his back like 2018. I guess some people are going to complain no matter what.
  4. Honestly anybody has to be better than Rodney Harrison.
  5. I’ll always be happy in trading a 6th rounder for a known commodity. Sounds like he’s going to be a special teams guy.
  6. Best of luck to Joey Swolebones. But now we've traded for the guy who couldn't beat the guy we cut after cutting the guy in Harrison Butker. Fug.
  7. The difference is Payton. As much as I hate the guy, he's a great offensive mind.
  8. Defense is out of position on a lot of their plays just in alignment and Bevell might be one of the worst coordinators in the NFL. I feel like T Law is going to be wasted away in Jacksonville
  9. JAX defense looks like hot trash right now.
  10. He looks more accurate for sure. He’s looked good tonight and I hope they keep him he entire second half.
  11. The dude literally had worse footwork and hand placement than my varsity left tackle who is 16 years old.
  12. What’s wrong with you? If you have a problem take it to pm, don’t spam the board with childish posts like this.
  13. Don't call me an asshole. I assume he's going to get cut with an injury designation. It doesn't matter if a player gives it all he has, if he's either 1) not good enough or 2) not healthy he won't be on the team.
  14. Greg Little looking like a backup JV player
  15. The backer man turned against the dig opposite of the shallow cross which is why there was so much space for YAC. It happened twice that drive so I’m sure the LB coach is going to be pissed tomorrow during film.
  16. Side note, but when Cam scored that rushing touchdown in his preseason game versus the Bengals I felt like we really made the right choice. I think Fields is going to be fine.
  17. I think Hellen Keller could see a difference in the defense once Whitehead was benched.
  18. Yeah, Bouye looked great about 4-5 years ago, but time will tell how he'll do. I just know it'll open things up to be able to play Chinn further back, play cover 1, and add some more pressure up front with the dawgs we brought in. I'm more excited about the D than our O to be honest.
  19. DJ Moore's footwork on that hitch drill is fuging phenomenal. Also I am BEYOND hyped for Jaycee Horn. He's going to be the best DB on our team this year 100%.
  20. We need an elite secondary to compete in the NFCS. We’ve been burned for a decade, it’s time, so I’m for getting anybody who can improve our secondary.
  21. Can we get the Panther growl as a notification noise please and thanks Igo
  22. On one hand that sucks for any player to be hurt. On another.. we haven’t beaten the Aints since 2016 if I’m not mistake.
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