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  1. McVay is seriously one of the GOAT’s in terms of offensive innovation. He’s taken what he learned from the Shanahan branch, melded it into his own not only once (Goff + Gurley) but twice (Stafford + Kupp). Two different flavors of offense that revolved around the strengths of the QB. We’d be lucky to have a coordinator or head coach with half of his skill set.
  2. I’d pay legit money to bring Alice back to the huddle
  3. Welp that takes away half the posts during the off season
  4. Don’t forget the easiest part, let the butt rest and enjoy an extra couple of beers til you pull it! happy Independence Day boys.
  5. The biggest, absolute thing NFL coaches need from a QB is leadership, ability to stay looking downfield and pocket presence. Those are tough, if not impossible to coach. Just looking at that film shows Corral has those traits. I also enjoy his ability to throw people open and not always laser it in to receivers who are only 3 yards down the field unlike Cam had a bad habit of.
  6. I understand that Baker had a down year, but poo he took the BROWNS. They said fug you to his face and signed Watson. They deserve whatever they get. If I’m Stefanski and I didn’t have a say in the matter I’m getting the hell outta dodge before poo really hits the fan.
  7. Had Jaycee not gone down he’d be on this list as well. Despite what people think, we have a very talented defense. Given the adjustment from college to the NFL and the hiring of actual NFL coaches, I think we’ll be just fine this year.
  8. This jabroni lost all credibility when he has the Jaguars unis ranked above ours.
  9. Seattle dominated in 2013-2014 because they had superior talent and arguably the best secondary in the last 20 years. Teams have gone more 4 wide and empty than they did even in 2013 so you can’t just line up in base and run cover 1 or cover 3. I think I have a gripe with the article kind of assuming any odd front is going to be inherently bettered than an even front defense. You have to have three guys up front that can play anywhere on the line AND have linebackers that can run with receivers AND defend the run well. At the end of the day it’s Jimmy and Joes, not X’s and O’s.
  10. Mark my words.. Ickey, if he stays healthy, will be one of the best picks in Carolina history.
  11. Many coaches and tv talking heads say they want a QB with ice in their veins, killer mentality, etc etc. They should go into camp with the drive to win out the job. You look at someone like Andy Dalton - he signed with NO to specifically be that mentor role for Jameis, unlike when he signed with Chicago last year and was expecting to start, not help out Justin Fields. I'm with Favre on this one.
  12. Tannehill isn’t wrong. It’s not their jobs to do so, he wasn’t brought in after the fact and getting paid millions to specifically do that like some guys do.
  13. I just happened to be watching the Ole Miss offense vs. Texas A&M. Instead of reading up on someone you can just see for yourself how Corral did. Personally I enjoyed watching Corral and tried to watch them whenever I could this year (big Kiffin fan tbf). With his mechanics, arm strength and moxxy, he can easily take over the offense this year with the weapons we have. If we can lean on the running game with our BEEF'd up offensive line, Donta Foreman and YAC from our receivers, he could do pretty well IMO.
  14. It's obvious we're drafting for potential upside and to not only keep up with the loss of Reddick, but also push YGM. I like it.
  15. 1. You can’t run RPO’s as often or in the same manner as Corral did in college in the NFL 2. Corral doesn’t need a Cam to teach him anything - this is coming from a Cam truther. He learned from one of the best offensive minds in CFB right now in Lane Kiffin 3. If I’m not mistaken, McAdoo runs a west coast scheme that can work in conjunction with RPOs, but doesn’t need to rely on them (see Giants 2014 season)
  16. Corral's arm strength is legit and he can move in the pocket. He could've skipped the bowl game vs. Baylor but is a competitor. I wish we gave up our 4th and Anderson rather than next year's 3rd but I like the pick.
  17. Picking Ickey was a slam dunk and I'm glad we didn't screw up this pick.
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