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  1. I’ve heard Jay’s a bad HC, not OC. Honestly this is going to be as good as it gets. He has experience in the league as a coordinator and coach. We could do worse.
  2. Devin Lloyd, a projected first rounder? BoA Stadium will go up in flames if we chose a backer in the 1st round again.
  3. There's not much that gives me more pleasure in this world than seeing Belicheat get his ass beat on national television. When he doesn't have a HOF QB to bail him out and tape of his opponents practices he doesn't seem to be that great of a coch.
  4. Joe fugging Burrow. They have arguably the best skill player group in the entire NFL. The crazy thing is I don’t think I know but 1 defensive players name on Cincy. It’s an offensive league and the faster our leadership realizes it the better.
  5. And this is precisely why I don’t think Rhule was canned this year. We’re not going to attract any decent coach with that outlook.
  6. He hamstrung the Seahawks offense when they had the legion of boom, won 8 games in 2 years as the OC in Detroit and made T Law look like hot trash. Yeah he is a terrible OC.
  7. The only way to get through to someone like Tepper is $$$. I’ve come to accept that he’s just waiting to can Rhule the Monday after the 22 season when we’re not on the hook for Darnold, have all of our draft picks except the 6 rounder, and hopefully Brady retires. With the amount of vacancies and more desirable franchises, we’d get the worst hire whereas next year we might get someone with a damn.
  8. Let’s think about the quick turnaround from poo to playoffs. Cincy - Drafted Burrow #1 Arizona - Fired Wilks, cut Rosen, drafted Murray #1 Philly - Fired a Super Bowl winning coach, drafted national champion Jalen Hurts LAR - Best offensive coach in the NFL Cleveland - Drafted Baker #1 and hired a good offensive mind The point is, all these guys have a dude at QB and have had short turn around due to good coaching.
  9. That now brings the tally to SIX!! Rhule is now 0-6 against coaches who were fired this off season.
  10. Tepper cares more about his bottom dollar than winning and pisses away ideals that carried our teams through the good and bad. It’s become apparent after he decided to get rid of seats in favor of some bullshit “luxury” seating in the end zone. He wanted to get rid of the Keep Pounding chant. He is using BoA to become another owner with MLS. He doesn’t give a poo about CLT or the fans that have supported this short lived franchise. Fun David Tepper and his old rusty brass balls. As long as he’s the owner we will never be competitive and I’m not sure how long I can continue to follow this poo wagon of a franchise if he’s in charge and fails to fire a guy who’s obviously in over his head.
  11. If we don't fire Matt Rhule chances are I don't watch a single game next year unless it's on local TV. I have to much going on in my life to deal with stressing over a bullshit coaching staff.
  12. Tankathon has us at .520 SOS and picking 7. Honestly the best offensive linemen no matter what. It doesn’t matter if we had Aaron Rodgers in the backfield - he won’t have time in the pocket. Unless someone like Aiden Hutchinson falls
  13. The Cards weren’t afraid to can their first round QB after a year or so and it’s been tremendous for their team. Kliff has gotten away from the cutesy calls and running more NFL schemes to the success of Kyler. One thing to remember is that Kliff and Rhule met a couple times in the Big 12 and that’s why I think we’re 2-0 vs. the Cards with Rhule. He’s just a better college coach and deserves to do well in the NCAA where he can recruit and do things that appeal to 18 year olds rather than grown men with families.
  14. That’s actually what you want from the QB. In an ideal pass he’s going to throw it before he cuts to prevent the DB from breaking on the ball.
  15. Wow I’m surprised he didn’t wait until the end of the year.
  16. Hello darkness my old friend
  17. Honestly this might be our out with LSU and USC still looking for head coaches.
  18. Kellen Moore is not cut out for being a head coach lol. Just because he’s done well as an OC does not mean he’ll translate to a HC.
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