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  1. I think it is, particularly the defence. My main concern is the offencer's ability to convert to points. Felt like the last couple of weeks we have left points on the field
  2. It blows my mind that we didn't enter the pre season with some proper competition for Slye. It will be interesting to see who gets the job
  3. I'd imagine he'd be in the 50/50 column for Rhule and will largely come down to many how players in other positions he wants to keep. Ideally we will send Thomas out for the next two preseason games against 3rd string opponents and get him to put up so big numbers and then trade him
  4. Yeah, you'd have to think they had him high on their draft board or something and think they can get something out of him
  5. Not gonna lie, this brought out feelings in me. Great write-up! The predictions got me hot and heavy
  6. I think this summarises the problem with Teddy. Even when the game is on the line he will look for a checkdown instead of throwing up a 50/50 ball. He's a game manager that is only really effective if his team is in front. Rhule could have implemented as many 2 minute drills as Teddy would like but Teddy would still want to play it safe in those situations
  7. It's crazy how divisive the Tommy Tremble pick is. I can't wait until he leads the way for McCaffrey to have a career season
  8. I feel like with the draft and UDFA every player we got has a high ceiling. Moore sounds like someone who just needs a couple of negatives coached out of his game to become at least a solid starter in the league
  9. I kind of wish we were accumulating picks for next year
  10. Hooollllyyyy crrraaappp looks like Sewell will make it to us! We better not stuff this up
  11. This was the way I was hoping we would go. He's only 23, had a terrible coach and oline. We can now put the 8th pick towards the best player available rather than reaching for be QB.
  12. Dan Arnold D. Arnold Darnold! Trade for Sam Darnold confirmed
  13. I hope he doesn't go to Washington. Last year Rhule was able to actually use him to his full potential. Going back to Rivera will result in a decrease in production as well
  14. How does it work for the team's over the cap? Do they have a specified time to get back in the black? Also it's amazing to see the Panthers with a good cap position. Feels like a long time since we've seen that
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