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  1. This. I would have taken it and also assumed we had sold the house to get back into the first for Corral.
  2. If Malik is still there in the early rounds of the second I wonder if they try to get him and how much they would give up
  3. Great pick. Will be interesting to see what we do with the QB position now
  4. I honestly lose more and more faith in this organisation every day. It concerns me that Fitterer would allow this type of contract and makes me think that Rhule still has the keys. Tepper's reaction to Rhule screams too much pride and inability to acknowledge an error. It's going to be a few years before we even start the rebuild at this stage
  5. Rhule has an impressive number of misses. Tepper must be thinking he is due to get something right soon
  6. Whether we McAdoo or McAdon't I really think that it won't matter. Rhule seems to be the controlling type that won't allow coordinators to play to their strengths
  7. I swear to god if I have to hear Rhule talk about oline player size. It shows how incapable he is of thinking outside of what he knows. It's amazing how much his inadequacies still surprise me. I don't want another year with this clown.
  8. I don't know how we could strike out with Rhule here as head coach. I'd imagine every interview would start with: "Look, I could go coach any college in the US, I don't have to be here because I'm highly sought after and the best coach of the generation. If you come here I'm the top dog, you'll help out where I see fit. So what do you think?" Boom! Hired by this visionary of a coach
  9. I bet with Gettleman retiring they saw an opportunity to start fresh. Still ridiculous Rhule has a job
  10. I thought Tepper was big on analytics. Stats show that coaches who don't make the playoffs in the first two years more than likely won't have success in the NFL. Look at the data Tepper and make the right call
  11. I think Fitz does a good job in beefing up the oline and the team is mediocre enough to trick Tepper into keeping Rhule on. We finish like 7-10 and Tepper sees that as an improvement, high fives all around
  12. I think I'm going to apply to be a head coach. If this type of clownery is considered good enough then I can definitely do it
  13. I feel like the players supporting Rhule is akin to when the players supported Hurney V1. It's in their best interest to do so
  14. If Jimmy was still around he would 100% be a Rhule hand picked QB
  15. it's honestly crazy how much the coaches and front office has missed/fugged up in one off season. They have seriously done years of damage. Get ready for the long haul ladies and gents
  16. Lol someone literally made a thread after last week that they were worried Rhule would get too cute with the QBs and here we are. Feels like a decision that will make or break him
  17. I find it funny that people keep referring to this as a tackle. It looked more like a Kurt Angle Ankle Lock
  18. For anyone that was worried before the season started that Joe would be lured away with a head coach position... I don't think you need to worry anymore
  19. Oh right. I must have had it the other way around. I wish we would get an offensive minded head coach for once, feels like we haven't had someone that truly knows how to run an offence for well over a decade
  20. Wasn't Rhule known as more of an offensive coach? Surely he should be taking over in some capacity after 3 weeks of complete mediocrity. Darnold has been a disappointment the last few weeks, but apart from a strong WR room he doesn't really have the support that was touted earlier in the year. The offensive woes are due to poor coaching and poor roster management in neglecting the OL so badly.
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