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  1. Its something to consider to that CMC has such a great skillset as a receiver that even if he cant be a bellcow for more than 3 more years you can easily move him to the slot full time and he spends the next 5 years as a Wes Welker or you move him around like we used Curtis Samuel where he lines up in the backfield sometimes. I truly do think we’ll get a solid 10 years out of him. He’s basically only played 3 full seasons because his rookie year he really wasnt on the field much and last year only got 3 games. 2018 he also had Cam taking alot of the punishment. So really at this point 2019 is the only season where he really had to carry the offense
  2. Hes getting touches but its not like hes getting used as a battering ram 30 times a game like Derrick Henry. I think getting like 15 carries and 10 catches out of the backfield per game is pretty healthy workload. As someone said his catches are in the open field and hes not having 300lb falling on him
  3. The pregame lineups! what in the actual hell looked like they had never gone over it before. Players getting introduced while still in the tunnel and out of order. The comms person with the headset looked like she was scrambling like crazy
  4. I really didnt have an issue with it. Up to that point the Jets had run 9 plays and including penalties had a net of negative 16 yards and hadnt even made it to their 40 yard line. Why risk an unknown kicker missing and giving the Jets field position they otherwise wouldnt get on their own? When we played the Chiefs last year we saw Rhule pull out every imaginable risk with fake punts and 4th down attempts because he knew we would need to score at least 30 points to win. Yesterday he probably knew 17 should have been enough. We complained that Rivera had no situational awareness and would have the same gameplan and approach for every team we played yet were getting pissed at Rhule for actually understanding the situation?
  5. We played a team that had zero chance of beating us straight up. When thats the matchup you play conservative and try not to beat yourself with unforced turnovers. This game was never in doubt and it was like 2 plays from being 27-7. Just be happy with the win and hope we bring it against NO next week
  6. Theyre gonna double Olsen and keep Cam in the pocket
  7. As Panthers fans its crazy that you can watch that game last night and blame the QB when an OLine gives up 6 sacks and a hurry every other play against what were mostly 4 man rushes. That game last night was Super Bowl 50 to a T. Hell look how bad Mahomes looked in the Super Bowl its also funny that you think of the past few years of first round QBs like Mayfield, Murray, Lawrence, Jones, Tua etc that got to throw to legit NFL 1st round picks and a whole receiving corps of NFL players yet the narrative is that Sam got carried by his receivers last year lol
  8. Its not as uncommon for NFL players to dip as you might think. Alot of them do it just to simply stay awake during meetings
  9. Were really trying to draw conclusions from a preseason game where our QB1 threw one pass and our running back that accounts for like 70% of our offense is on the sideline with a backwards hat the whole time lol the only logical conclusions you can make is that Slye is not the man for the job and Brady’s red zone playcalling is concerning
  10. Im not a GM but Ill never understand how teams seem to not value the position in the draft. If someone like Justin Tucker was available and you picked him in the 4th round wouldnt you do it knowing your worries at the position are gone for the next decade? Versus maybe getting a backup receiver or linebacker like 4th rounders usually are? How many losses do you think the Ravens have avoided the last decade by not missing kicks? How many games did we lose by 3 or less last year where Slye missed at least one kick? I know Vikings, Saints, Chiefs for sure. Poo adds up
  11. Same. Hes my next door neighbor though so im biased ha
  12. Thats exactly why we picked a shutdown corner that can press. Our lack of personnel that could do that forced us into playing soft zone or huge cushions which essentially neutralized our biggest strength which is our DLine and the pass rush. Having DBs that can blanket someone an extra second allows your pass rushers to have an extra second to get to the QB. Watch some 2015 Broncos tape
  13. Theres like 8 all pro caliber receivers in our division not including ours and weve gotten absolutely abused by putting JAGs against them and now we finally draft a legit shutdown corner and this board melts down lmao
  14. Lets check in one the hog molly receiver he drafted
  15. Thats not true at all. His class this past year was one of the highest rated he ever had
  16. Draft Etienne or one of the UNC running backs in the 2nd round problem solved
  17. This Gonzaga team is a few notches above everyone else gonna be interesting to see if they finally get over the hump because they are usually perennial chokers
  18. Yeah yeah not Panthers related but its the offseason and college bball will always be king in NC enjoy the NIT dookies, cant blame Coach K for wanting the season cancelled I wouldnt wanna coach that team either
  19. Love Tre he seems like a great guy and players respect him But as much as he wants to believe this is due to “rebuilding” or “dead cap” reality is we are building a defense of young, athletic players that play with an edge and play aggressive and a safety that seems to shy away from contact and is limited athletically doesnt fit those plans you dont build a nasty OLine full of road graders and then put Reggie Bush behind them
  20. he made a point that when you have a chance to grab a legitimate MVP QB you have to do it. you cant just say youre gonna build your roster first and then get one later, you arent always going to have a chance to do that. the reason its relevant is because hes absolutely correct, you can have holes in your roster but if you have an MVP caliber Qb youre always gonna be at the dance
  21. The refs sucked in both games but it doesnt take away the fact that matchups matter and both defenses were built similar with physical DBs that can man up and a DLine that can get pressure rushing 4 with edge rushers that expose weaknesses at tackle. When you can do those 2 things any offense can be shut down
  22. They spent years being terrible and picking early in the draft and were able to fill their roster with talent on defense and at their skill positions. They had the GOAT QB fall into their lap who brought back the GOAT TE who clearly had plenty left in the tank then somehow were able to get the best WR of the decade onto their team when he shouldnt even be allowed in the league props to them but this shouldnt be some kind of blueprint this was literally a once in a lifetime perfect storm. If you think the stars aligned for us in 2015 this was the gd big bang
  23. One of the most historically inept and futile franchises has now found 2 Lombardis and we couldnt even get one with Cam and Kuechly in their primes this is depressing af
  24. The best 4 QBs in the league this year were also the last 4 playing. Despite all of their teams except probably Tampa having numerous obvious holes in the roster. a legitimate MVP QB is the greatest equalizer maybe in all of sports. Its like having the best goalie in hockey or the best pitcher in baseball. Doesnt matter who youre playing as long as you got that guy youre always gonna have a chance to win. Always felt that way when Cam was in his prime and healthy
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