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  1. Probably a great comparison. Great OG, reliable OT. I'll take it over the poo we've had to deal with for years.
  2. Our old selves and our decisions in rebuilding. That's our main rival. The biggest questions being asked isn't about if we can beat such and such team (maybe the jets because of Darnold or pats because of Cam). The biggest questions are can we be better than we were in the past and did we make the right decisions in the off-season. That's all everyone, including ourselves, have been talking about.
  3. If I'm the falcons and saw his phone convo with Sharpe, I'd listen to where he wants to go and ship him somewhere else.
  4. Fantastic research and post. Really puts things in perspective. Sam isn't immune from blame, but he was really put in an epically hellish situation...a true clusterfug. He never had a chance to succeed.
  5. Read it...and came to the following conclusions. 1) he's a hack writer (sounds more like someone trying to impress on a message board than a professional writer) 2) he doesn't like mobile QBs 3) he's a bitter TB fan 4) he's talking out of his ass
  6. I think the biggest issue is what we have up to get him (2nd and 4th in '08 and 1st in '09). Hurney was a gambler and we lost Yes, there was no signs he would be injury prone or that he would not pay off, but he did only play 1 year of big time college ball. Dude was raw...a project. To give up so much for a project like him, you HAVE to be able to hit it. And Hurney didn't. That project blew up in all of our faces. It wasn't the injury that ended him, it was that the guy quit trying after he got injured. He just didn't care after he came back and didn't put the work in. Many people around the team at that time came to the same conclusion. Was he a "bust"? Don't know...don't care He was a failure. Drafting him when we did and giving up as much as we did was a monumental mistake hurney made that he kept repeating.
  7. With Cam and Rivera, we should have kept Cam and replaced Rivera. But with the ownership and GM situation as it was, we probably would have wound up in the same place we were before.
  8. I think there is something to that ,Andy Reid having not getting his ring until his 2nd QB after being the HC 6 years. I still think that the HC more often than not is the issue, but the HC/QB is something to really pay attention to. Just because an HC is winning a lot, and just because the HC/QB tandem might be doing well, doesn't mean it's the best for getting a ring. Just because they might have the best winning record the 5ean has ever had doesn't mean that it will be their best chance for a ring. It's a tough call, but if after 5 years you don't have a ring with the HC you've got it's time to re-evaluate, not give them another contract.
  9. I think/hope you're right about that. I could kind of tell that last year but the more I look at it I think it's going to be a pretty cerebral defense using smart, big, and very athletic players.
  10. Agreed. I think our OL still needs some help, but I think we're way ahead of what he had in NY/NJ. That line was baaaaaad.
  11. Should be easier having a coaching staff that creates a gameplan around how you play rather than constantly trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Should also be easier having a better core of players, including the best RB in the game there with you.
  12. Or it could be that he actually means it and that they are familiar with each other because they were working out together while Sam was a jet.
  13. Every team does, but you're pretty much sitting in freakout mode 24/7. You might want to try counseling or something.
  14. Good sign that he'll still be on the roster. The more he can do, the better the chances.
  15. Pretty safe to say he'll be more aggressive than TB. Of course the bar is laying on the floor with that one.
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