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  1. Very true. I think he won't be an INT machine, but he also won't be some perfectionist surgical strike guy. He'll gamble to make the big play, and I love it as long as he can make the big plays.
  2. I think we'd be far too boring...and that's ok with me.
  3. I'll buy that projection, though I think he'll be a bit higher on the TDs. With those weapons he'd better be.
  4. For the haters....what would you suggest that would have widespread appeal and that everyone could sing along with?
  5. Yeah I think you are right. I think Sam is really charismatic and very positive, which will be a big bonus for him, but I also see him as expecting a lot from himself and working to getting the best out of himself as well as everyone around him.
  6. No...and he doesn't have to be to be good and effective. There's quite a few different types of effective leader. Cam's, to a degree, was unique to him. Same with Jake. I think both were great. Sammy will find his own voice...or maybe he has found it. If I had to guess, I would see Sam as being more closely resembling Rhule. The kind @MHS831 calls the Shepherd dog kind of leader.
  7. I think he has the same impact Jake had coming in. I mean we had NO reason to believe in some scrub who couldn't hack it with the lowly saints and had to go play in Europe. I mean we had Rodney frikkin Peete here for Pete's sake. And we had recently drafted weinke...but Jake happened. All in all I see Sammy as a cross between Jake and Cam.
  8. And I hope if people sell their tickets because they don't feel safe that they go to panther fans first.
  9. That's exciting. I just hope people stay safe and don't get too stupid. I'm just glad enough people got vaccinated to allow this to happen.
  10. I think the experience as a leader he gained will definitely be an asset. Of all the criticisms there has been of him, his leadership was never one of them. He was always highly regarded in that way. It's the on field performance that was the issue. The fresh start with added maturity is going to help out a lot. When I was really young (17-22), I made more than my fair share of mistakes and what I always hoped for was a new start in a new situation. I'd say to myself, "if I had a chance to do it over again, I would do this..... I would stop doing ......." I've got to think the experience he had with the Jets has him better prepared for being a Panther.
  11. I think you're right. Snow is going to be changing stuff up a lot with personnel and scheme. Keeping a lot of DT beef on the roster will make it easy to cycle the big guys out so we keep wearing out the opposing OL.
  12. Been thinking a lot about this, but the one thing I want to see is him stepping into the leadership role here. He needs to make this his team...his offense, and the rest of the team needs to start looking at him as a leader right away.
  13. Gonna buck the trend... Low: thought about Joey Slye here. Thought about Paradis. I thought about Ian Thomas here. I feel bad putting anyone here but I think the easy pick is Greg Little. Almost too easy because I don't even see him on the roster when the season starts. I have every confidence that any of the other guys at OT on the roster could do better than him. No one responsible for drafting him is here anymore so cut him lose and let him get picked up by WFT. Not sure: the three guys I thought about above could go here, but I'm thinking more Dan Arnold. I think he could be good, but I just don't know. I keep forgetting about him. I'm hoping that he makes himself memorable...in a good way of course. We just have so many good receiving options I don't know how much he will be used. High: Sammy. I believe in his rehabilitation here. Call me a homer. Call me high. I don't care. I think he's the real deal. Don't ask me to justify it for you cause I won't. It's just my gut and my gut is telling me that to expect good things. You don't have to agree with me and I don't blame you one bit for not agreeing with me. I just feel good about him.
  14. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/exaggeration
  15. That soundtrack is perfect. The dude is sliiiick.
  16. Hurney never got the memo. He was kind of the David Newton of GMs.
  17. WG was highly regarded heading into the draft because he's a great guy and he interviewed well. It had very little to do with his skill as a QB. Everyone just liked the guy.
  18. Yep. Throw as much beef into the DL interior and it makes the job easier for everyone behind them and it keeps the score lower taking pressure off the offense.
  19. Lol I forgot about nannerpus. @Zod what was the other one?
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