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  1. Just so you're on the same page with the answer.
  2. There is competition between Grier and PJ, but there is "competition" between all 3 QBs. The reality is, Sam is the starter. He's the guy. It's not really a question and its not up for debate. The other two QBs are in a race for 2nd place.
  3. Low on the TDs and high on the INTs and a little high on the yardage. 30-35 TDs (including rushing) and less than 15 INTs.
  4. The media is there one day a week. They can see how he's doing with their own eyes. No one is saying he's struggling. They are saying that he's looking good. Zod said that he was looking as good as any QB he's seen there. They aren't sheltering him. He is doing as well as you can without pads on. I've heard that he's in command (stepped up and looked to as a leader) and that he's sharp and in point in his throwing.
  5. Adam Gase is a micromanager, meaning he doesn't trust anyone around him to do be able to do their job their way. There's no freedom. That's problem #1. Problem #2 is that aside from that one year with The Golden Calf of Bristol, he had never worked with or developed a young QB. All the QBs he worked with before had been old guys....Jon Kitna, Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning, Tannehill, Matt Moore, etc. So you've got a guy that is already a micromanager being given a super young QB (I think he was 22 at the time)...that translates into 'no way in hell is he going to let that kid make decisions'. Did Gase limit what Darnold could do because he didn't trust Darnold? Absolutely. But that's more on Gase's inability to trust anyone to do their job.
  6. Just in case someone is too lazy and jumps to conclusions, Sean Ryan says with every QB he coaches he always starts with the feet and works his way up. It's not specific for Darnold. I think Sean Ryan is a helluva coach and I'm glad we've got him. The way he's approaching the coaching and what he's doing with Darnold I think is really going to push him to be a really good QB. The guy will definitely have no excuses.
  7. Your list is on point. Their list is poo and can't help but feel like it's got some kind of bias or agenda trying to prop up the Packers org.
  8. they were desperation throws with no help and crap coaching. i'd just be glad he was trying to make something happen rather than pickles who just threw it into the stands anytime things broke down and his happy feet had nowhere to go. but yeah...coaching, a better OL, and better receivers + CMC will make his job a lot easier/less of a disaster.
  9. it was on his shoulders alone moreso than it should have been and that coaching staff really handcuffed and handicapped him a lot. i mean they were worse than shula.
  10. watson was mentioned a few times. ahhh....... what could have been. oh well. we'll be fine.
  11. that's kind of what i was thinking as well, but i'm guessing that not all of them were home runs. considering the situation, it's not surprising that his stats weren't all that great there. I was honestly surprised not to see him mentioned a lot more because of how bad it was with the Jets.
  12. it's safe and after clicking it i can see why there is no recap or summary...it's kind of all over the place but a good read.
  13. haha the eagles got crushed in that. not worried about Darnold's spot in it. When things broke down with the Jets they broke down all over. No way could you pin all that on him. Guy was running for his life and had no reliable hands to bail him out when he got in trouble (which was often because that line sucked and his receivers sucked).
  14. Yeah.....he hasn't got the shot. He might not but he might. You've got an opinion. Awesome because we don't have enough of those. You want to share it? We've got a few threads in the tinderbox. Go there. You don't have enough posts to go to the tinderbox? Consider yourself lucky. That place is a cesspool. Don't like that?
  15. Got one and tried it during the toilet paper shortage last year. Just felt weird. My toilet isn't by the hot water either so it was just a blast of cold. Wakes you up in the morning though.
  16. Top 5 1) Smitty 2) Julio 3) Roddy 4) Evans 5) Colston
  17. I had shoulder surgery recently and had to make the switch for a while. The struggle is real
  18. That's the thing. He doesn't have to be here now. He knows enough of the system. He's got more experience with the new QB than anyone. There is reason to be annoyed, but it's not crucial that he be there. Until we don't see him for mandatory workouts, there's no reason to get worked up. I'm just glad we've got the turnout we do for workouts that aren't mandatory (unlike a good few teams out there). it's a really good sign.
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