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2014/15 Barclays Premier League Season

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Update: 3/20/15


1) Chelsea- 64 pts. - 35GD - 28 MP

2) Manchester City- 58 pts. - 31 GD - 29 MP

3) Arsenal- 57 pts. - 26 GD - 29 MP

4) ManUre- 56 pts. - 24 GD - 29 MP

5) Liverpool- 54 pts. - 13 GD - 29 MP

6) Southampton- 50 pts. - 19 GD - 29 MP

7) Tottenham- 50 pts. - 4 GD - 29 MP


We are just a few weeks away from the start of the 2014/15 Barclays Premier League season. Matchweek 1 kicks off August 16th. Last year's race was hotly contested until the final match day, when Manchester City won just their 4th top division title in the club's history.


This season promises to be just as good. The rest of the top 4 made several crucial signings and will look to bring home the Premier League trophy for themselves this season. A few other clubs outside the top 4 have made some quality moves in hopes of breaking into UCL qualification.






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Oh, well I didn't go watch the Red Devils destroy that lesser team in Denver the other day. And if you saw anyone who looked like me there its just coincidence. All us white people look alike. 


You have sided with the enemy.

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    • He's had one foot out the door the entire time he's been here anyways. I doubt he's even unpacked his boxes from moving.
    • I've been bored tonight and have been looking up rumors for other teams to try to get a better idea on who is going to be there for us.  Here is what I have gathered.  Falcons: Trade back, QB, or Pitts Bengals: Fans seem convinced they're taking Chase Phins: Can't find much on them. I saw a report that said they would rather not draft any prospects who did not play last season though. Lions: Fans are convinced they are drafting a receiver. Lots of reports of them wanting to trade back   So at this point I think we have like a 50/50 shot at getting Sewell. Apparently a lot of teams at the top of the first are willing to skip on the top tackles and look to upgrade in the 2nd.
    • I struggled with it, but I really don't know that we run a true 3-4, and if Burns and Reddick and Haynes are going to be the rush LB...I see Fox and YGM at the ends and I see Shaq and maybe Chinn at the other LB while Perryman and Carter play inside?  I really got a bit confused in that area, so I figured with the 7 or 8 needs, I would give it the benefit of the doubt.  Still, I could take Burns out of it and drop them.  Bottom line?  LBs and DL are hard to figure.
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