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Going surf fishing at Topsail island

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Mostly aiming for Spanish Mackerel, Drums, and Blues. Will have a couple heavy rigs for sharks.

Anyone familiar with the island it will be my first time there, from what I can tell the southern tip of the island looks public but I'm not sure.

Any tips? Spots? General info?



South end is open to the public, but there are many parking lots all down TI that you can stop at and walk over.


When are you going?


That will help me help you a little.

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so you going to eat it or just pretend youre some sort of real man if you catch one ?

There is absolutely poo load of Atlantic sharpnose sharks by coast line. They literally swim between your legs when u chest deep in the water, people just don't know it cause the water is murky. These Atlantic sharpnose sharks don't really have any natural enemies and they multiply like bunnies. I cut open pregnant one 2 years ago and she had 8 babies inside. 8!

To make you feel better, I ate the momma.

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There's easy access on the north end, at the New River.  Right at the mouth of the river there is a large flat with a couple of good troughs running through it that I've caught some decent drum out of.   This time of year you can probably use a regular fish finder rig for sharks and be ok, but in the summertime you'll want something to keep it off the bottom or the crabs will destroy your bait before a shark ever finds it.  The "pulley rig" works great for this if you're casting baits, and not 'yakking them out.


I'll be down there late next week, hoping to catch something on the fly. 

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Wtf is your problem dude?

If trolling a subforum on the internet is all you got going on maybe you should go up stairs and ask your mom to buy you a ps4.


This would make total sense if you didn't act like a dweeb in Duke threads. ;)

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