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Top 3 Reasons The Panthers Lost Today

Jeremy Igo

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11 hours ago, sanjay_rajput said:

You have some valid points but loss of Stewart had bigger impact on the L  than fans wants to accept. His ability to grind out yards and sustain drive is key to keeping the defense fresh, but it was his ability in pass protection that was  sorely missed in this game that led to stalled offensive drive. 

Most are aware that we win that game with Jstew.  Still though...DE production has been down and CJ looks like he lost a step. Combine that with the loss of Benwikere and we've got some problems on D.

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I'm a bit hesitant to believe they'll be able to fix these things. These aren't coaching/scheming errors that are happening, these are lack of talent issues. This team got throttled in the 4th Q last week and people thought that'd be a good wake up call, apparently it wasn't. 


We we have ZERO pass rush. Ealy should be an every down player at this point. Delaire is too small and gets abused against the run so at most for the time being he's a 3rd down rusher. Allen has simply lost his speed and CJ well, he's a ghost. 


Our WR's struggled to get open yesterday and with teams like AZ and Seattle looming I don't envision it getting better. Losing Jonathon Stewart was a lot more impactful than most of you thought. Most of this board acted as if CAP was going to come in and save the day, what Stewart brings can't be replaced. He is a Pro Bowler for a very good reason. 


Hopefully this team comes out next week and makes a statement against a TB not playing for anything. In my opinion it's important to grab a little momentum before taking a week off.

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IMO it was the vertical passing game being completely absent. Every game I feel we've been taking at least 2-4 deep shots to ginn, and that just was never attempted. Also, never saw cam hit olsen down the seam like he usually does. Also, our defense still only held then to 20 points(17 technically), our offense just forgot to show up today.

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7 hours ago, sanjay_rajput said:

Agree, we need to give Ealy, Delair, & Horton majority of the LDE snaps.

I think Horton just got released...


I wanna see more Super Mario and Ealy myself. Delair for pass rush, and I'd like to see Cox brought up from the practice squad, provided it doesn't cut someone else. 

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