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  1. I think there's a minimum post count or something now of 100 posts before you can start your own thread. It's been forever ago since I joined this joint, so not really sure the exact number. @rayzor - can you help confirm please?
  2. Since when did Alaina start confusing 'worth watching' with 'non-existent'?
  3. X-Clown is the #1, like a lot folks have said. It was such a roller coaster of emotions watching that game, and in the end that play was almost cathartic to watch. Simply amazing from start to finish and St Louis was one of the toughest places to play in that time. Another one that is still a favorite of mine, which @pantherclaw alluded to that most of the younger generation may not remember or even know about, is the playoff beatdown we gave the Cowboys back in 97. All week long they'd been running their mouths about how they would easily run over the speedbump in Carolina, and their Coa
  4. You and me both. Give the guys you hired your wants/asks, let them figure out how to deliver best.
  5. I'm pretty positive he knows what's best for his business is to let the guys he hired do their jobs. The man knows how to make money. I'm also of the belief he will have some input into the selection process, and not to degree of Snyder/Jones levels. More like, I'd really like us to grab a QB to solidify our offensive core the next few years by doing so, rather than naming specific players or draft spots. Some of the huddlers are making it out that he's handing out his big board memo and telling Fitts and Rhule to just follow it, no questions asked or something. I just don't see that from him
  6. Sorry guys, but where in that article does it state Tepper is 110% lock-controlling the pick? The author just mentioned that he's stated he wants to throw resources at the QB spot - that's it. You could make the argument that he has done that by having Fitts trade for Darnold. I also don't quite get the whole idea of a person owning and managing their own business being somehow 'meddlesome.' It's their toy to play with how they want. If that's an issue for you, you're welcome to go buy your own toy too. I personally would love to see Fields as our pick. I am doubtful he would land
  7. Looks amazing! I'd be stoked if I were in Carolina to go, especially if I could score some of those club tickets. Very cool that they have the entrance to the pitch going through there.
  8. With the draft as deep as it is with OL this year, nothing says we can't still take Fields at 8 if he's there and still pick up a good to great OT in the second round plus an OG in the third. If TB manages to work a miracle and finds a trade partner for his services or even if we can't offload him to elsewhere, we could pick Fields at 8, and have him sit the year behind a hopefully much improved Darnold to learn our system. Then next camp, throw it to open competition, and see who wins. If it's Fields, great, we made a good pick at 8 this year and we could shop Darnold to another QB needy team
  9. Out of all the top prospects, Fields looks the best to me, and I'd be thrilled if we somehow managed to snag him. He's the guy that I'd be ok moving up a couple of spots for to ensure we snag him. If he's gone, stay pat and grab one of the top LTs instead, and hope we have enough draft capital next year to go up and get our QB of the future then. If no LTs are there at that point, do the best we can to trade down and get more picks if possible (most folks seem to forget that teams have to want to trade up too).
  10. I'd rather we replaced Zach Kerr with Zach Kerr than this.
  11. Shut up, Brooks... we need the Niner's to take him ahead of us to get one of the others to fall to our spot, or at least a spot that's easier to trade for. Don't go scaring them off the kid!
  12. And here's the video explaining why...sort of. https://www.nfl.com/videos/zierlein-why-i-can-see-panthers-trading-up-for-trey-lance Basically just states we're building out the process and trading up to grab a QB makes sense w/TB still here so they can sit the new guy a year. Doesn't really explain why Lance over Fields or Wilson though (or why Atlanta would be stupid to trade to a div rival), which is kind of a big portion of what an analyst is supposed to do. So, a mix of unexplained conclusion and blatantly obvious takes.. not really impressed.
  13. Cool, I stopped being lazy and just figured it out. Linky below: https://www.nfl.com/news/lance-zierlein-2021-nfl-mock-draft-2-0-how-does-the-first-wave-of-free-agency-im None of their 'draft analysts' have ever really impressed me, but this one does make for some interesting and laughable material for sure. Thanks LP!
  14. So, who the hell is Zierlein, and why should I care what this obvious fool is saying again? (Not a shot at LP in the slightest. I'm sure you put it here for us to be shocked by and subsequently laugh at this clown, just no idea who this person is)
  15. Did this one to see how I would rank in terms of their grading scale more than anything... overall, not a bad draft haul. No trades up, keeping our future firsts:
  16. I liked this one I just did. Franchise QB with an upgrade to our OL, McKitty as the 4th pick due to a run on a much needed TE for us and he was the best of the rest, and the latter half full of development players that could use a year of working with to get up to NFL speed. Overall, I'd be thrilled with (at least the top half of) this draft.
  17. Based on what Fitts said, he's not averse to trading down, but also that past 18, you move to the second tier of first round talent. So, it's possible we could trade down, but I don't see it being lower than 16th or 17th place in this draft. A trade for next year's first though? That throws a wrinkle into it too, as no one knows for sure where will teams will land after the upcoming season, but that could be even more valuable than one from this draft.
  18. just for consideration, the CDC advises against N95 masks for anyone not working in healthcare: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/about-face-coverings.html I'll stick with my cloth mask. It's done alright, although I hardly go anywhere too.
  19. I've stopped watching ever since they hired that Napoleonic midget with too much fake bronzer in his eyes. Haven't even read who we picked up or left or anything this summer. You guys do me a solid, and let me know when that walking ego is finally shown the door, so that I can finally be a fan of my team again, k?
  20. Maybe.. but it still made me laugh.
  21. And what makes it even more confusing and difficult to track, is that they have never released their formula for the comp picks process. So, in actuality, it may just be a couple of the NFL top dogs shooting spitballs at a dart board, or a back room deal (which would explain the Pats getting so many picks over the years. Heh!)
  22. Found a decent article on Comp picks: http://overthecap.com/the-basics-and-methodology-of-projecting-the-nfls-compensatory-draft-picks/
  23. I don't believe it works that way. It's the difference between the perceived and actual value of the player lost to the value of the player brought in that is what's used for determining comp picks. If Josh gets his $16 million per year that he's looking for, and we bring in a vet for around $2 million (like Getts is notorious for at this point), we would have a differential of $14 million. That amount is then factored into their computation for which round of comp pick we get. So, we could sign a corner, and still get the pick. We just couldn't sign someone who is asking for $12 million
  24. INB4 Double Olsen and contain Cam.... poo.. late to the party.
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