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Official Bills at Chiefs AFC Championship Gameday thread

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Mahomes is an incredible talent but man seeing him operate with the type of coaching and people he has had at the skill and other positions always reminds me we gave Newton a combo of Rivera/Mike Shula/Ted Ginn with terrible lines as our best support like really lmao 

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1 minute ago, djp14 said:

I thought the same thing after both of our SB losses. 😐

Maybe but compare our two divisions. Our division is generally a lottery every year what team is on top. Their division on the other hand, Jet's are garbage and a ton to correct that, even if they do get a top QB in the draft or through trade, Patriots seem to be on the way down needing not only a reliable QB but a lot of WR help as well as Defensive Line help since they have like 4 guys hitting free agency this year.

Miami likely their only real threat next season since they are the closest to a complete team at this time. So in the very least I see Buffalo making it back to the Playoffs as to how far they make it, who knows, you can never really predict what is going to happen once playoff football starts.

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10 hours ago, Eazy-E said:

I just know a ton of people who use your reasoning of why you don't care for the NBA but love college football.

I know there is a parity issue in the NBA but the day to day games are usually pretty exciting. College football on the other hand is usually unwatchable imo.

Lol the NBA is more rigged than WWE. 

It's not even a sport anymore and it's not even debatable. 

College basketball is far superior. 

I have not watched more than probably 20 total minutes of NBA in the last 20 years.

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9 hours ago, GoPanthers123 said:

 Chiefs are too strong, they should be favourites in super bowl too .

Yeah and some people said Buffalo would dominate lol. Chiefs are going to win back to back SB. Wish Brady would retire after losing but he won’t 

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