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4 Spurs test positive - Hornets postpone next 2 games

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2 minutes ago, bLACKpANTHER said:

Futurama Reaction GIF
Not sure if good or bad thing right now..
we are pretty banged up and a pause in play could allow us to get healthy..

Agreed...schedule has been grueling and we are banged up...need to get back to 100%

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Need to be at full health for that road trip.  Hope there are no covid cases on the team.  Hayward should be fine.  Martin twins coming off health and safety might be good.  PJ probably good. Should be interesting to see if Saturday's Warriors game is played and who is available. Rozier torched the entire Spurs so his contact tracing is a concern. 

Could be a Greensboro call back frenzy.

Edit: also a concern we lost to a team that had 4 players with covid.

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Sooner than later this all has to stop and we can be with each other and our Hive again. Florida is booming economically(NY money and businesses). Everybody is fine. They have refused the narrative and are profiting. They"re even getting some Tepper $. Some states refuse the narrative and others are all in. Tells you everything you need to know.


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57 minutes ago, rippadonn said:

Atlanta will be hosting the ALL STAR GAME. Charlotte North Carolina will not, by choice. $ matter folks. Paychecks matter folks.

Not sure Atlanta really wants to host. This is a made for TV All star game if played. Atlanta mayor asking for no outside travellers and no local events surrounding the game. 

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