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Panthers make secondary additions

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9 hours ago, Basbear said:

Love this pic-


I guess he must have put someone on lock. It's a great pick--that real chain and lock, brim on his head and helmet in his hand, with the compression sleeve on one arm contrasted with the sweaty muscle popping out of the other side means he is the man that just put in work, and his teammates are completely acknowledging that fact!

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    • Would fill the last major hole on the roster outside of LT heading into the draft. Richardson has never completely lived up to the hype, but I think he is still a starting caliber player. And I'm still down for Short too (at a much reduced price). Once we solidify DT, I'm feeling pretty good about the roster, especially on defense.  Our secondary is still unproven, but there is a lot more talent to work with than at any point since 2017. I think Phil Snow made a lot of chicken salad with chicken crap last year, and I'm genuinely excited to see what he can do with more talent. Then it comes back to the offense... can we protect Darnold and can Darnold prove that the Jets held him back and not the other way around? We have the playmakers on offense to score if so. This year feels a lot more unpredictable than last IMO... I honestly could see anywhere from 4 wins (if Darnold sucks) to up to 11 wins (based on 17 game season) if Brady/Rhule can help Darnold become the QB he was projected to be. Darnold is obviously a much more boom-or-bust prospect than Teddy ever was or will be. We've all seen Darnold make the elite-arm talent throws but also the boneheaded plays that are almost as egregious as the Mark Sanchez butt-fumble... hopefully it's just the curse of the Jets But back to the point, I would be totally cool with a 1-year deal for Richardson, and I'm sure Fitts & Co are looking into it... Burns, Brown, Richardson, and Reddick is a legitimate D-Line... Shaq, Perryman, and Chinn is the most intriguing LB corp we have had in a while I'm still not sure how the secondary ultimately shakes out, but that would be a massive improvement for the Front 7 at a minimum.
    • that was hero ball. Oline gave up, they put PJ walker in at last min, when the game was already over. And he still push the ball downfield. Pj walker has showed potential, and I think he'll get more opportunity come 2021.
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