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Matt Rhule on Rich Eisen Today

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1 minute ago, Captain Morgan said:

don't get Peacock, anything interesting said, or standard coach speak?

it's free. Create an account and you wil have access. Matt Rhule is coming on in the next 3 min.

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E:  you had the choice of every defensive player of the draft.  Did you think about an offensive player.


Matt:  We thought about it.  We loved a lot of the guys there.  But we liked Horn, and he filled a need.

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Why Jaycee Horn over Surtain? He was the perfect player for us. They loved that his dad played in the NFL. 

Why not Justin Fields? I believe in Sam. He deserves the opportunity to go out there and play for us. The hit rate on QB's in the first round is not very high. 

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E:  all the media people said Carolina would take a QB if available, and you had Fields and Jones...why didn't you take them.


Matt I love those guys and I think they'll be great.  We got Sam, just turned 24, we felt Sam plus another player would be better for the team overall.  I believe in Sam and he deserves to get the chance.  I think the other guys will have great careers, but we got Sam and Horn.

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6 minutes ago, ChapelHeel80 said:

The hit rate on QB's in the first round is not very high. 

I wish he'd asked a follow up question here about the hit rate on bust reclamation projects.

This comment definitely gives some legs to my earlier speculation that this staff might just be scared of rookie QBs.

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