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Canes vs jets 7:30

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Wednesday's game will be the 20th of the season, or about 1/4 of the season done already, most of it on the road. That, in and of itself, could be a good thing.

However, this team, based on their off-season and the expectations, cannot be considered anything more than a disappointment. At first look, I thought it was just a handful of new guys in key roles getting used to their line mates, but 20 games in and that should be worked out by now.

Here are the key differences between last year's Canes and the team on the ice now:

  • Missing Nino and Trocheck in front of the net. Martinook, Stastny, Noessen are not those guys.
  • Without a net front, the opposition simply clogs the middle of the ice and doesn't allow the Canes the cross-ice and seam passes that were their bread and butter last year.
  • Also means a lot more perimeter shooting, which opposing will give up all day, especially when the goalie can see the shot coming and no one taking his eyes away.
  • PP & PK are both far below expectations. 14% PP this season versus 22% last year. PK was dominant last year at 88%. This year- a full 11% lower at 77%.

Check the numbers so far this year- the Canes are just an above average hockey team, nothing much to see and be pleased with.



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When the canes went to our net front last night our offense came alive.  Players in front of the net just works with this team. 

That comeback showed me something last night. That point could go a loooong way in maybe a playoff seeding. Home ice for the first round. Who knows. I give credit to rod for making that adjustment. Hopefully it carry’s over. 

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4 hours ago, Rocky Davis said:

If no one else will go to the front of the net on the PP then put Marty and Staal in and they certainly will.

Seriously disappointed with our PP with the skill we have.  This team needs to bring more passion to each game.

I think we need to move Staal to the third line put fast on one and Marty.. I love the guy but…

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20 hours ago, Harbingers said:

I think we need to move Staal to the third line put fast on one and Marty.. I love the guy but…

Oh I was only talking PP, but yes Noesen or Marty on the 1st line is not good.  Agreed, Staal needs to be on the third line. 

I also have said Marty was expendable, but he's a Rod guy.  I give the guy his due:  he does play hard every time out.  (Although playing your heart out doesn't make you a starter in any sports league.)

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