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-5 passing yards at half. how can anyone defend this performance?


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worst owner in nfl, worst team in nfl, worst situation in nfl.

worst part? we're not even in a rebuilding season. that'll be next year...

Maybe we can win 8 games in 2013

Did you see the letter they read early that JR sent out to fans. JR admitted and taken upon himself for the bad season the panthers are having and he promises that the future looks bright for the team in building the team up again. That's pretty much shows he screwed the team fans and Fox out of this year because of the lockout. Hmmm don't have much to say about that I guess. Accept:dita: you JR.
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Yeah, we really can't blame Clausen on this one. In all my years of watching Panthers football, I don't think that I have seen any Panthers O-line just completely blown away like this one has been today. It seems like the coaches would try and make some type of adjustments.

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