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    • Absolutely agree with the sentiment but I’m couldn’t care less about extending anybody until maybe end of February… right now, it’s only Dallas…then it’s only Philly… then it’s only Minnesota… then it’s a semi-bye week with only Gettleman’s disaster… then it’s…yep….   if any moves are to be made, I’d recommend bolstering the O-line……
    • I came hear talking football and the BS came to me.  So I tossed it back to those weaklings that started it with me.  Take a look at my first posts.  All football, then look at the losers who started talking trash to me and insulting me.  I've had some good conversations with other knowledgeable fans on this board and it was great takes exchanged.  So why don't you address those one or two losers on this board.  If not that means you are just like them.  Thank God for the educated posters on this board. 
    • He spent 8 full days MIA during training camp, to the point where Urdoofus had to vist him at his home and beg him to report. Had other injuries and rehab form last season. The big reason is did not want to play jax ball, so that may mean he did not workout like he needed too. I know the staff for some odd reason put a bike near the goal post, all by its lonesome....and made him ride it there in front of the whole team. I dont have all the facts, but willing to bet he missing/didnt care about lifting or cardio. Injuries, rehab, and missing lifts/cardio(my guess) adds up to not NFL week 4 shape.  But if injuries hit again, it may force them to active him. Which bring me to the next quote Panthers did not have a choice. This year they do; 6 CBs currently on the roster, most game days only 4 are active. CJ is brand new and may not be in game shape. They do not have to play him, given the other 5 CBs. Zero reason is completely wrong, you or I have no idea his level of cardio or his current mental lay-out form learning a whole new D/language. moving/family/injury/kids etc. Plenty suggest hes going to miss this game, maybe more. But you people can go ahead and pencil(for sure use this) him in the line-up, I know better. Irsamrt 
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