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  1. Dex

    Hey gang!

    All you gotta do is ring my bell. We getting Sean this time.
  2. Dex

    Hey gang!

    i uninstalled league of legends. let's play something bb.
  3. God Evero just looks and sounds the part of an NFL Head Coach.
  4. The originals of 1-3 are also coming to PS5. HYPE!
  5. Dex


    terrell mcclain pro bowl?
  6. if he was a childhood friend maybe. also as long as no one played Valorant.
  7. it's public knowledge he's piped a few strippers/pornstars.
  8. Mecole Hardman still out there?
  9. As someone who lives in downtown Baltimore i felt this.
  10. Relieved we passed on Wilks. But why are we going for a retread?
  11. Who starts at RB now? Shenault, Hubbard, Foreman?
  12. My main issue from watching today... We need a big signing or two on the DL to compete this year.
  13. Looking pretty good all around today outside of the pass rush.
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