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  1. I honestly didn't think Gary B would be such a hater. Enjoy your legacy of irrelevancy.
  2. bro this poo always gets me hype af
  3. Getting in on this sure to be legendary thread early. Welcome home Cammy Cam! Please watch HBO's The Wire.
  4. I met @Jeremy Igo in JAX once at a tailgate and he wandered around for 5 minutes like he didn't know me.
  5. Bring back Sherrod Martin!
  6. Called it. We just won't be able to compete until it's fixed. Darnold has played really well despite them and CMC's absence. But there's only so much he can do.
  7. This game has me a bit concerned. This is a completely different team than year's past. A Rivera team would come out and lay an egg. 34-16 Cowgirls. But this is not a Rivera team. I guess I just don't have a lot of confidence in QB1 just yet. Hoping for the best but losing CMC is huge.
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