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  1. Isn't that Person asking about the run play?
  2. We overcame a lot of poo. We cleaned up the garbage and had a great second half down a few players. I'm proud of this team. 3-0 baby.
  3. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing in the second year of a rebuild. We need offensive line BAD.
  4. What I'm afraid of is so far this season our 1st half is the better half...
  5. I haven't been this excited for a game in years. Can't wait!
  6. It's a philosophy. Rivera/McDermott wanted to keep everything in front of them even if it meant soft coverage. Rhule/Snow prefer aggressing blitzing and smothering. Two different types of defenses.
  7. 2015 defense was a bend not break defense that got a lot of turnovers. This defense doesn't bend. They just break... the other team.
  8. I was watching a clip from one of those sport's talk show and they said an interesting stat. The Panthers are 1st in QB pressures and only 16th in blitzes. We're getting a ton of pressure from 4!
  9. So far he's done an incredible job bringing in talent via the draft and FA.
  10. I'll finally be able to masturbate tonight for the first time in months!
  11. First points they've scored in the entire game. Let's not panic yet. Hopefully Brady learned from last week.
  12. Kickoff return coverage has been trash today and now that blocked kick? Chase baby what is you doin?
  13. Near perfect half of football. Also Phil Snow, I could kiss that grizzled grill.
  14. I liked what I saw. I had a few issues with the playcalling. But Sam did sail a few.
  15. There are no storylines. No substance. No drama. They're essentially just the normal videos Panthers.com posts with some slow motion shots and a little behind the scenes.
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