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New Uniforms...


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Yea its the sleeven imo. I suspect itll look something like this in the end with our colors and logo.



Also with the front of the jersey being red instead of white in this picture. Hopefully it has the lace at the neck.



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Speaking of uniforms, anyone know where I can get a customized Carolina Hurricanes jersey that isn't so fuging expensive?




Its how i got mine a few years ago, just got a blank one and did the customization myself. Of course, when i bought them they were $79.99, and they were legit premiere jersey's. I'm thinking the amazon prices are being jacked up right now with the announcment of new sweaters.

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New Teaser: http://instagram.com/p/Z0VUZyr9ns/


Here is what we got so far...


- The logo has a 3D dimension (kind of like hat logos)

- The bottom of the sweaters may not have the warning flag on the bottom.

- The numbers are in a new font, and either the sleeve has the number on the side or the jersey will have the number on the upper left corner of it.

- The gloves will be all red and either the pants or the socks will have a white line around them (pants: bottom or socks: top).

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Looks like the Away sweater (using this one since we see more from it.)









Is going to have stripes on sleeves of the sweater. "You can see those in picture one and from picture three"


A red Collar. "You can see that on picture two"


Will have black numbering on the upper sleeve and also feature a new font. "You can see that on second picture"


The new logo is similar to the 3d logo's found on hat's and what not. 





I think that we can say that the new sweater's will have stripped sleeves, different numbering fonts, 3d logo's, solid colored gloves and a cleaner more simplistic look.  

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