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Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

Dec 29 2013 05:19 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Today the Carolina Panthers have the opportunity to win the NFC South and clinch a first round playoff bye. This would leave them only two games from the Superbowl. Pretty amazing!

But first, the Falcons will do their best to stop that from happening.

Where: Georgia Dome

When: 1:00


On Radio: 1110WBT

Twitter: Follow @CarolinaHuddle , I will be tweeting from the sidelines and press conferences.

Keys to a Panthers Victory

- Get started early. A few early scores and the dome will empty of Falcons fans. The fan base is demoralized and need a knockout punch.
- Show killer instinct. Do not let a last second throw from Matt Ryan win this game. Atlanta gave San Fran all they could handle, today is far from a given.
- Showcase Cam. Cam always plays great in Atlanta. Let him be the gun slinger that he is. Slowing the game down too much works against his abilities.

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:: before

Exactly what I said earlier.  Take the wind out of their sails early.  The longer they hang around the more confident they are going to get.  Ryan would love nothing more than to go home next week knowing we have to play next sunday AWAY somewhere.

Falcons go up early with a Gonzo TD. Then we never stop pouring it on. 27-16

We don't want to go into the playoffs with a loss, need to win this game to keep the winning momentum strong. I think the players will be pumped up knowing what's on the line for them. I haven't been this anxious for a Panther game in many years. Let's spank this team and go into the playoffs with a head of steam big Panthers!!

Really can't wait!!!


I think everyone knows they will pass more to Tony G and it will make our plan easier. That said, we can't sleep on these dirty birds as they are hungry about this victory.


As I see from interviews of Panthers players, they also know how important it is and we are also eager to win it.


And we will.


Sorry Tony, we will ruin your farewell game.

12-4 sounds nice :)

Cam is gonna go OFF today. I see this game going like the Vikings game

I hope shula gets creative, because moving the ball without smitty is pretty tough.


granted it is the ATL defense, so we should be able to run on them.

I think that Cam will be in the zone today. He is due for a monster game.

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I want Williams and Tolbert to rule, over and over.  Will be tough as Falcons will stack the box making Cam throw without Smith.  Olsen should have a big day.


I would like a big lead and us taking starters out of the game after the 3rd qtr.

In before Fox007 declares the game over/lost!
@NFL_Updates32: Jacquizz Rodgers RB, and Sean Weatherspoon LB, are out for Atlanta's game against Carolina.
Buffalo turds just went in the smoker.

Well they may as well get on the plane and head back to charlotte.....the great Kurt Warner just declared falcons as winner.

Buffalo turds just went in the smoker.

damnit SCP!
Weatherspoon is a beast with him AND Peters out they're toast
If we lose its my fault on the East coast this weekend.

Any word on Cam's toe/ankle issue?...we certainly need his abilities on the Dome's fast surface.

Let's get this mofo started. I'm ready for the Kraken to smack Ryan around. I want Keek to bodyslam Gonzo and make em wish he'd retired last year. I'm ready for Cam to light it up.


Come on boys, seal the south up and lets do this poo.

Buffalo turds just went in the smoker.

You sir.......... R a smart man!!

Weatherspoon is a beast with him AND Peters out they're toast

Should make their "D" a lot softer for power runs up the middle...Tugboat Time!

Rolling to the dome!!! Fu falcunts!!!!
Just checked in the Omni. Walking to the tailgate now

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Predicting cam to gooooo the fug off today!!!!! Let's go get this 2 seed!!!!!

Just checked in the Omni. Walking to the tailgate now

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what tailgates you rolling too? You official this weekend or down here partying???
Btw- big ass pic in my room of a football. Classic omen!!