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Stephon Gilmore A True Option for Panthers

Apr 15 2012 04:59 PM ClarkCam Carolina Panthers
This corner is being seen more and more as a top 10 pick, and with the need at corner, and it being such a premium position in the NFL, he is a very likely candidate to be picked up at #9. I used to be a Coples guy, but with all the negative things coming out about him, with very little positive, I think Gilmore would be a solid contributor, while also being the safest pick. It would really help our sad secondary, and get us some takeaways.

Here is a link citing how many analysts and teams talk about how they think he is top 10 material


I think the guy seems to have his head on straight, with some serious athletic ability.

It is also good to note, this guy is a returner as well. He helps us on multiple fronts. The more I read about this guy and watch him in games, the more I like him.



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The Special One
Apr 15 2012 05:01 PM
I think he could be a serious option for us.
No brainer at 9 or 1
6 foot tall with jumping ability and speed... Draft him and feel great. He is also a great kid with tackling ability.

He gets a little off with his technique but he is coming out early and we do hopefully have Hogan to take the 2spot and Gilmore can fill in at FS nickleback.

Our secondary would be actually really good all of the sudden...Butler/Munnerlyn as a no.4...special teams has great spped and matchup ability for heavy passing sets.
If he's picked at #9, so be it. Just don't want Poe..
Not the pick I would be expecting but would be excited nonetheless.
id be fine with this
I would be happy with this pick.....
Would not be happy with that pick.
The Special One
Apr 15 2012 06:15 PM
jt- not happy bc it would be a slight reach or do you think he would not be a good player?

-for me it is not ideal at 9...but trading down getting and gaining a pick would make it a great pick IMO.
hes a starter, Jerel Worthy in the second, call it a day.

Gilmore is also a leader, something I wouldn't mind having more of on defense.

jt- not happy bc it would be a slight reach or do you think he would not be a good player?

-for me it is not ideal at 9...but trading down getting and gaining a pick would make it a great pick IMO.

I'm not happy because he doesn't deserve to go in the top 10, I'd be happy with him in a trade.
Yeah, I was all for trading down and drafting Gilmore but, he seems like a bit of reach at 9. On the other hand, CB is so deep this draft he and Dre might be top 5 picks like MoClay any other year.

That being said, I think Gilmore/Kirkpatrick in the first and Thompson/Jones in the second would be a solid couple rounds for us.
I agree...but i feel better or equal about him over most of the popular guys slotted at 9...and like him better than Jenkins and the other first rd cbs.

Other than Kuchley and Ingram Id rather come away with him than a project DT and effort-guessing DE.

Idont want a WR early either even if Blackmon somehow falls.

Gilmore - Wright, Gilmore-Still, Gilmore- lber from nebraska, are better 1-2 combos than

Coples -Dennard, or Cox-early second rd prospect
I'd be happy if we chose him and got a choice DT or DE in the second round.
Did i mention he has grown up as a Panthers fan?
Ehhh 9 seems like a reach
The Special One
Apr 15 2012 06:49 PM

Ehhh 9 seems like a reach

It is, but we need a starting caliber CB badly. I'd be cool with it.
In a perfect world I'd want to trade down a few spots, grab an extra pick and still get Kuechly.
I like Gilmore and thin he would be a very good starting CB. However, unless guys like Coples/Cox/Brockers/Kuechly are off the board I don't see us picking him.
If we trade down into the teens, I definitely see us snagging him.
Gilmore wouldn't be the worst pick at #9. He would be the best CB left on the board.
The Special One
Apr 15 2012 08:29 PM
We better get our corner at 9. If we wait until the 2nd round, they won't be any corners than can come in and start immediately left
I wouldn't be upset about the pick.
I bumped the last Gilmore thread and said the same thing... I would love this pick at 9.