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  1. I am here for the hard hitting headband reports. I stay for the photos. :)
  2. I have posted this article on my timeline on Facebook, and in at least 4 panthers groups (that I never post in, it seems) to spread the word. Then I posted the Panthers Twitter endorsement of the article as well. I can't wait to lose my voice!!! My hand may be broken by the time halftime happens... so, the seats will be kicked. LOL
  3. Well, I hve been reading that thread... and I have to say... I laughed a lot. But, I found what I was looking for... the streak continues... "Posted 23 November 2015 - 05:35 PM 3-7 is not a juggernaut....but this is a trap game for carolina" #KeepPounding
  4. Great as always man! I did a couple screenies for you while looking at the game at work tonight.
  5. Great Podcast as always! Scot, LOL that's funny... the one in that pic is lurking... I'll tell ya that. ;)
  6. Fully enjoyed the Podcast! as Always. Had the same feeling as Jeremy when Shaq said he was born in 1994. :\
  7. Great job on this Jeremy! And very much appreciated!
  8. Man, I think Harper could be rotational. but, we'll see what the youngins pull off in Preseason. it could very easily be a large turnover year, with Tillman helping the young guys as well as Chris Harris. Remember, he was a master of cause'n fumbles too! (and big hits!)
  9. Well, I mean, everyone should have the Panthers Music CD.... so pick a song from that... *walks away slowly and puts earplugs in....* I can't find my CD... I'm leaving. *whistles innocently*
  10. Not being a father, but having one that was/is still involved in my life, these are the moments that mattered most to me. Special moments with Dad. Thanks for this post Jeremy.
  11. If i recall, you can see in the vine, and in the added photos, that there is a red flag/rag on the ground. That is supposed to be the QB's position if I recall. Yes? If so, that QB got run over.
  12. Only thing I have issue with, is the fixed width of the site that wasn't that way before. (that I recall) but, I'll adapt if needed. :P
  13. What's it 3 days until the Steelers break open the gates for their camp!? Something to follow for a week!? LOL I need a fix man! OMG! ARGH!
  14. It's a promotion for a guy thats put in the work. Congratz to him. I don't know how long DG's contract is with the Panthers. But I don't see him leaving anytime soon. Unless there is a health issue. As people keep bringing up.
  15. it's things like that that make me proud that our team has it's own back, if you know what I mean. Offense to Defense. Defense to Offense, and everything in between now. the positive talk is great. We will see what we get when we watch the team on the field. But, if they believe that they are on their way. They will play that way. To have the national media look over our defense is kinda scary. Had a friend of mine (In NY) read these tweets and he said "You guys took a hit on D." I asked him "we did?" He replied "Last season you suffered on D with injuries and what not. Didn't you also give away a lot of guys?" So I guess, no one gave credit to the end of the season nationally.
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