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  1. I like everything except for Spiller in the 2nd. I like Spiller as a prospect, but dont feel like we need a rb that high. Would much prefer to take a flier on a QB like Strong or Ridder but they may not be there depending on how their stock rises.
  2. At this point, what are we waiting for? Its not like firing a coach after 2 years is going to give us negative press!
  3. Who dey is the Bengals, Who Dat is the Saints fyi
  4. I think the most encouraging thing that can happen today is that they leave Rhule at the Tampa airport.
  5. Acquire makes it sound like we traded for him
  6. While he would be better than Darnold, he would still be terrible here. The only way we can get out of our QB blackhole right now would be to hit on one in the draft, and our options dont look great there either.
  7. That's actually a pretty nice combo. Very appropriate for today.
  8. Im actually having a hard time recalling any highlights this year. Our 3 game win streak at the start of the season when we thought Darnold might have it was pretty fun.
  9. I have a lot more confidence in Fitt than I do Rhule just based on how he navigated the last draft. A lot of the rookies they drafted have high potential and they might be really good, we just dont know because Rhule wont play them. How Fitt navigates this year with no 2nd and 3rd will be a testament to his ability as a GM imo.
  10. Sam looks sooo much less comfortable in the pocket than Cam.
  11. Maybe they can play that long snapper we drafted in the 6th round! Who they took over Trey Smith, who is now starting for the Chiefs and playing well.
  12. I swear if we get Jimmy G in the offseason i may be done. We would be trading trash for slightly less smelly trash.
  13. Hey that's our 2022 starting QB, be gotta start supporting him
  14. Man you know times are bad when we're like "hey at least our WR3-4 looks competent"
  15. I never considered Rivera or Fox in the upper echelon of head coaches but they always had, for the most part, a solid staff around them. Right now, we are terrible from the top down and its so frustrating.
  16. 4 straight losing seasons under Tepper. Money cant buy everything apparently.
  17. Honestly, trading down might not be the worst option. Our oline needs a complete overhaul and we have no picks in the 2nd or 3rd. If we could trade back, pick up a 2nd, and pick a guy like Linderbaum in the 1st, that wouldnt be terrible.
  18. This would never have happened under Ron! Get him outta here!
  19. If we go with Pickett over Oline or a trade back I may have an aneurysm.
  20. Brian Daboll wouldnt be better than Rhule but Hackett might.
  21. Yea im not interested in Panthers football until Rhule is gone
  22. This franchise would rather lose every game for the rest of eternity than admit they were wrong about Cam.
  23. For real, id rather spend Sundays doing something fulfilling than watching a boring team with a bland head coach and a bland QB. The only way they can generate any interest is to change something and that will only happen when fan interest and sales go down.
  24. Rhule is already done. That smooth preacher way of talking he does only works if youre winning.
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