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  1. Optimistically looking at it, Jaycee is only 21 and a freak athlete. He may be able to rehab and come back next year without looking like he's lost a step.
  2. Burn this stadium to the ground its obviously cursed
  3. Feels like someone died, Achilles are hard to come back from and no guarantee you'll play at the same level.
  4. Im not familiar with how they determine a number score but most of these look like they graded out as C or C+ so...average? If so, thats garbage.
  5. Pretty cowardly on punts tho
  6. Gonzalez wasnt good last year but maybe he'll be better here idk.
  7. fug it, just go for it every 4th down
  8. Wait, do we get ad revenue for clickbait thread titles? Because why else would you do it?
  9. It may have just been me but I hadnt heard anything about Miller during camp. Also didnt see him flash much in the preseason.
  10. 3875 YDs 23 TD's 16 INT 69% completion % (Nice) Just enough to keep us arguing whether or not to move on or re-sign for another offseason.
  11. There is no reason to have 5 TE's on the roster, even if you think one can maybe play FB. FB doesn't matter in todays game and nobody is gonna take Ricci off the waiver wire. Just cut him and stash on the PS.
  12. 3 could be starters this year and the rest could be rotational pieces. If the whole class could find a way to contribute, that would go a hell of a long way to rebuilding the team.
  13. Sam looked a lot more accurate and had more zip on the ball than I ever saw with Teddy.
  14. Only a matter of time before they get benched/injured. I dont know why NFL coaches insist on playing veterans just because they are veterans.
  15. I think if Sam gets his confidence going he can be a really good QB. We could fix the oline issues with Moton on the left and Christensen and Daley/Brown on the right.
  16. Im not blaming that one on Darnold. Thats on the oline, how are you letting 2nd string guys beat you!?
  17. The dude is what, 34 or 35 yrs old in his 2nd year in the NFL as a OC. I think he's going to be really good but people here have placed overly high expectations on him because of his sucess with Burrow. I would say hes a lot better than what we have had here in years past.
  18. Could've been sunflower seeds
  19. Thank god we dont have to listen to Mick for once!
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