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  1. Wait, what's the difference between Rivera and Quinn? Seems like a lateral move to me.
  2. Only if Mike Evans comes with him.
  3. He deserves the Josh Rosen treatment. In other words, show him the door.
  4. This feels like Déjà vu. Frank got fired from the Colts due to his unwillingness to move on from Carson Wentz. Same deal happening here.
  5. Gonna blow your mind here.......trade back. I am fine with taking someone in a latter round.
  6. It could be worse. At least they haven't suggested Marvin Lewis.
  7. I wasn't aware that Jim was an offensive guru. How many QBs has he developed? Don't say Luck. He didn't need much development.
  8. I got cut from my junior high team.........feels bad man.
  9. No. I do not hate the Panthers.
  10. Which is odd since the players are the reason for the money.
  11. If it makes you guys feel any better the Panthers would have ruined him anyway.
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