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  1. 100% agree. But it is an issue that should and will be addressed. No. That is an issue. Because better teams can win with 7 minutes left and down 10. And it's like Monday dude. LOL! You act like it's week 10 already. This literally happened yesterday, and the week before.
  2. That play was pretty bad though. I'm not looking for perfection. But I do expect the turnovers that happen to be more reasonable. He basically tossed it to a D-lineman. Great job otherwise, but the "What the heck" turnover is what I am focused on. Not too mention we were up 17 on our side of the field. Got to know the situation. Those 7 points for the Saints never happen without this mistake. As dominate as we were, they were within 10 points in the 4th. That's upsetting.
  3. For Tyrod's sake, they may want to hold him out Thursday so he can recover. I'm not even joking. This defense has been a nightmare for Wilson and Winston. You are looking at an average of 5 sacks and 10 QB hits. Short sample size, but all signs point to much of the same.
  4. Add in the fact that we will probably have very good field position if the defense plays like they did against the Saints. Texans with a rookie QB in his first start. I honestly would be very upset if we didn't score at least 30 on Thursday night.
  5. Bro, this was my exact thought. I was thinking that I couldn't really argue too much until this comment. LOL! I'm sure the same exec would have thought the same thing if Winston would have lead the Saints to a W against us right? Haha! I mean, Coach Payton knows Carolina so....Winston is still a maybe. Yeh....okay.
  6. Bro, I understand that completely. They exceeded my expectations last year by losing 8 or 9 games by one score or less. I didn't think we would do that well. This year they have already exceeded my expectations by shutting both teams out in the first half of both games. I predicted a 24-20 win over the Saints even with their issues. But those issues have to be cleaned up to make it to the playoffs. Which I thought was a possibility at the beginning of the season....but still very unlikely. But now, with that defense, I believe it is entirely possible. Allowing teams to stick around has always been an annoying trait of ours. Even our 2015 Panthers allowed the Seahawks to come back after leading by like 30 points in the playoffs. lol! So, I'm satisfied with the win, but my expectations have gone up now. Haha! We were too dominate that game to be that close in the 4th, imo.
  7. I agree with this as well. Which is why I wished the scoreboard reflected that. They had no business being within 10 points yesterday in the 4th. NONE!
  8. Well, looks like Robby nicknamed the defense before we could.
  9. Yeah, but it's not a, "We just held them to 128 yards." kinda score. Bills won like 35-0. That's the score that says, "We held Kamara to .6 yards per rush." Lol!
  10. If we came in with all those issues they would have said, "Well, it's the NFL." The first video I watched, the dude said, "Well, they had all those coaches..." Get out of here!!! You can't go into the game talking about how well coached Sean Payton keeps his players and how they do well with the next man up situations. Then blame the loss on the next man up situation.
  11. AGREED. They never should have been that close. It was total domination. I just wish the scoreboard would show that. We have to clean that up. Allowing teams to stick around has been our issue for years.
  12. Like last week when we spread the offense out and Darnold walked in. He could have crawled in on his hands and knees man. lol!
  13. I totally agree. That's why I am saying we have some things to fine tune. Special teams was pretty horrible. Dude that blocked that field goal strolled on in, but like FreeFua pointed out, if Marshall doesn't slip then the play likely doesn't happen. Like I said, if we can play the whole game the way we play our first halves, sky is the limit. We are winning the games on our schedule, that's all you can ask. The scores have made it seem closer than it was. I say this with no hesitation: IF SAM DARNOLD DOES NOT THROW THAT INTERCEPTION, SAINTS DO NOT SCORE.
  14. True. That's the stuff we gotta fine tune. The NFC West looks like a division of playoff teams. We have to beat out at least one of them to make the playoffs. Luckily, they have to beat up on each other. We can make it in, but we have to put teams away. We have not played a team yet that has their crap together. That's not taking away from our success, but it's just a fact. Looking at the schedule, I'm not sure that even happens until we play the Cardinals on Nov. 14. Watching the Cowboys and Vikings makes me believe they may not be a playoff caliber team. Still wondering about Philly and New England as well. Cards are the first sure-fire playoff team on the schedule in my opinion.
  15. Sam Darnold looked really good yesterday particularly in the first half. If we can string together two of our first halves in a single game…..that’s a playoff team.
  16. The “Unblockable” Snowmen
  17. I somewhat agree. However, I think it does prove that the Saints take advantage of mistakes. Our 19 points prove we are not a well oiled machine. The fact he threw 5 TDs with very limited yards and attempts tells me they are closer to that than us, and it is gonna be difficult to beat them if we don't execute better. I still believe we win 24-20, but I wouldn't underestimate their efficiency.
  18. Shoot. My predictions were torn to shreds last week. We are gonna need a few weeks from some teams to get a good read.
  19. I never said this was fantasy land. I just think the prediction is poo. I'm not the only one.
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