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  1. Panthers lose, score doesn't matter. We will look like the worst team.
  2. It doesn't make him a better player in terms of talent. That's my angle. I mean sure, so far Chuba has been much more available. He still isn't more talented.
  3. I don't think there is a huge drop off in rushing, but CMC is far beyond Chewy when it comes to receiving. CMC is better than a lot of WRs to be honest. Great hands, great quickness, and great technique. Dude is special.
  4. Panthers - 37 Giants - 9 Defense stops the run and smothers Jones. Lots of short fields for our offense. We lead the entire game and the score is never challenged.
  5. If it took til now to figure that out then that is a problem. I mean, in the middle of the Dallas game should have been a great time to learn that.
  6. I thought he did fine catching the ball, I didn't see the entire game though. But there is obviously a different dynamic when CMC is in there.
  7. They have reasonably claimed so far that they are treating him as a rookie this year. I would assume that means letting him take his lumps. They haven't given him a decent o-line and are forcing him to make plays regardless. CMC is huge for this offense in a number of ways, running, catching, blocking, decoy, and scheming. Getting him back his huge. Darnold has to make better throws. I'm not ready to give up on him yet.
  8. I think we take Fields if we didn't trade for Darnold. We probably didn't think that he would fall to us.
  9. The good things: - Chubba looked great running and serviceable catching the ball. - Defense is playoff caliber. Gave up one big play when Franklin got faked. Who, by the way, is not an original starter. Still have Gilmore, Burris, and Shaq to inject back into the defense soon and MAYBE Horn late. Don't remember if YGM was playing or not, I missed most of the game. - WE MAY HAVE A DECENT KICKER. Not sure if this has been mention, so much doom and gloom. But our kicker looked like an NFL caliber player. Which is a huge improvement from what we have been dealing with. - Maybe the staff will keep OL Brady on the field now. Not a lot of good things, but I think that we found out one thing about the team. We are not a team that can afford injury this year. lol!
  10. Yeah, but that’s not really a positive from this particular game IMO, seeing as this could have been done at any point in the season. lol!
  11. I don't doubt either one of your statements. Lol! Dude was stupid fast. I remember because my Uncle is a huge Redskins fan and he mentioned him a lot growing up. For some reason I remember him as a safety. Did he play safety late in his career?
  12. A really fast safety that played for the Redskins years ago? We really that desperate? What is he? Like 60?
  13. I’d love for this to happen: ————-———-D LINE————————— —————————LB—————————- Gilmore———Henderson———Jackson (CB) ————Chinn—————-Bouye—(SAFETY)
  14. I feel like this shouldn’t have to be said. Lol!
  15. Moton - Erving - Paradis - Brown - BC
  16. They have to validate us to validate Dallas. That's all it is in my opinion. Can't talk up Dallas if they beat a scrub team.
  17. The fumble affected the trajectory of the game. Other no-calls including holding and diving at QBs legs also didn't help. Would we have won if they called a fair game? No one knows or will know. But you can bet it made it a lot easier on Dallas. That can't be argued. We were robbed on plenty of plays.
  18. So, this is the sober thoughts I get from the media: - Panthers ARE NOT really a great team, they had not played anyone. - Cowboys ARE a great team because beating the Panthers show that they are. - Because the Panthers had not played anyone until Cowboys. - HOW BOUT DEM BOYZ!
  19. We had two guys at CB that were playing their first game of the year PERIOD or first in our system. Big momentum shift after bogus, unchallengeable forward progress call. (Clearly a fumble) Bad o-line. Best player on offense out and more. The media rushed to make excuses for Sean Payton and company. Going as far to say that Winston “had a bad day”. I wonder if they take the same approach with Rhule and the defense? My guess is a resounding NO.
  20. That play could have changed everything. Or the outcome could have been the same in the third, we will never know. But that HORRIBLE no call, where it was OBVIOUSLY out, did change the trajectory of the game. Who knows what could have happened?
  21. Hyped by who??? All I heard was we didn’t play anyone and they were gonna thrash us. Which they did, mainly in the 3rd. Granted, we caused a turnover that would have changed the trajectory of that game and we were robbed. Doesn’t mean we would have won, but it would have made a difference. It was a pivotal moment. We responded tho, but 3rd quarter was atrocious.
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