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  1. At being injured? I'd say they're about even.
  2. He was but had said he only wanted to be a pass rush specialist and had no interest in playing the run.
  3. You have surpassed Juan for the most tweets not embedded in an OP. Impressive. And no Juan, that's not a fugging challenge.
  4. Jeremy might have to bring back the cargo shorts.
  5. I don't get it either. He's saying what damn near every fan on this message board has said repeatedly. Tepper is a hedge fund guru, not a football guy. The Panthers GM and HC jobs were not going to attract the premium candidates. Morgan and Canales weren't the first choice for any of us. This is about as vanilla an interview about the choices of the Panthers this offseason as I've seen.
  6. I'm in the show me then we'll talk boat. Ever since Tepper bought the team it's been one big hype train after another that have all failed miserably. Want me to get excited about the Panthers again? Win. I prefer my Panthers excitement in Jan/Feb, not April to September.
  7. Hard to find your QB when you have no real offensive philosophy. Rhule was always looking for the guy he could fix and become NFL coaching god, kind of some narcissistic hero complex thing that was never going to work. Then we had Reich and we all saw how that went. The QBs we have had have all played better after leaving here, leading me to conclude that the coaching and offense was a far more significant part of the problem than just the QB.
  8. Confusion or concern would be more appropriate words. Expressing your opinion in a calm rational voice is hardly anger.
  9. This trolling job has about as much effort as Chase Young in the NFC Championship Game.
  10. It's gonna be Mike Williams. He's a good WR2 when he's not banged up, but he's also coming off major injury and you can't pay that kind of cash to a guy that hasn't been able to take full speed contact yet. Add in Allen is Herbert's favorite target by a mile and it should make that choice even easier.
  11. That's how I feel right now. If it was anyone other than the Panthers making this move, I'd think the Steelers got hosed. As it stands, I can't help but wonder what's going to go wrong.
  12. Same place I was at before today. Unless we're winning on the field I don't really care about whether or not we're winning in the offseason.
  13. We have a lot of holes on the roster and the 2 positions that seem to have the most success in the 2nd are OL, specifically IOL, and LB. We've taken care of 2 of those IOL positions in FA with C still being a pressing need. BY, or whoever is passing the ball if we have a real competition in camp, needs someone to catch the damn ball.
  14. I'll be honest. For me it all depends on if Dumpster Dave keeps his nose out of the football business. If he can, 2-3 years is possible if Morgan is a good GM. If he can't, well there's always 2034.
  15. It's because you hit that post button so damn fast. You know you try to hold out, but it happens and then it's over before you know it and later you're just posting on your favorite football team's message board something about pink flaps...
  16. Been there too man. I remember once I had a box of kraft mac n cheese, the good poo with the powder that turned your fingers orange, and some knock off spam and I thought I was the king. At least until later that night when I was in the truck stop bathroom so long someone actually knocked on the door to ask if I was still alive. Ahhh good times...
  17. Can't really blame him for what happened in 23'. Will all depend on how that ankle healed.
  18. I get the feeling it was the latter. If I'm looking at my 1 shot for GM in the NFL, David Tepper is not the guy I want to be taking that shot with based on what he's done since he got here. It would seem like a good way to end you career before it has a chance to get started.
  19. He's got some serious blackmail on someone. He's the Falcons new Ian Thomas.
  20. Well it certainly wasn't to pick up the phone and say yes to that Rams offer for Burns.
  21. I was just making fun of him being a combine wonder. Probably one of the worst combines from an OT I ever remember watching.
  22. That's Greg Little. Not sure if you knew that or not.
  23. I give you THE combine warrior. Well, not really warrior. More like giraffe on roller skates.
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