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  1. It makes you wonder, if they do play.. and other players gets sick.. can they pin it on the Saints?
  2. I am not a Doctor, I am a Medic. I know exactly how Infectious Diseases work. Here is an exceprt of what I mean. If it came from Florida (which I am not sure why it would be just Florida and not Louisiana, which also has a reassurgence of COVID. They were tested too early for it to be from Florida. So either they were false positives, other players/staff had false negatives, or both. I wouldn't pin it n Florida, It more than likely came from were ever they were staying prior to the game ( Texas, Louisiana and maybe Flordia possibly). If that is were they were staying. "The researchers estimated that those tested with SARS-CoV-2 in the four days after infection were 67% more likely to test negative, even if they had the virus. When the average patient began displaying symptoms of the virus, the false-negative rate was 38%. The test performed best eight days after infection (on average, three days after symptom onset), but even then had a false negative rate of 20%, meaning one in five people who had the virus had a negative test result."
  3. Yes, it was 5 days ago. They were only there for maybe 2 days.
  4. I don't buy it. They were there for what 2 days? So lets consider from Fri/Sat to Tuesday so 5 days ago?
  5. Well, I was going to say it would be funny if the Panthers had a new kicker every game, but nevermind Gonzo has to stay signed for 3 weeks.
  6. I knew something like this would happen. Now, lets see if the NFL will actually do what they said they would do. Why are people blaming it on Florida though?
  7. They actually mentioned this in one of the Camp Confidential episodes.
  8. Question, why do you keep saying Tucker Carlson Fan Club? I don't watch FOX news and have the same views as some of them you say. Who do I watch you ask? I'll tell you.. Spike Cohen, Michael Tracey, Liberterain Party Mises Caucus, An0Maly, Joe Rogan, Dave Smith... Also, you do realize it is not just people who are a certain political party who are skeptical of the Vaccine right? and before you say it... Yes, I am fully Vaccinated since January.
  9. So, did the Cowboys claim him for their main roster, or to put him on the Practice Squad? Can they put him on PS if claimed off waivers?
  10. Ok, but a Bar can't be open, which serves that same purpose as a liquor store. Yes, there was alot of Gray Area which is why there was skeptism and defiance. The Government shouldnt be wasting more tax dollars for us to stay home, they waste enough as it is. What should have happened is the States should have been responsible for what is opened/closed and it should have been clear, concise, communication. I was against the shut down from the beginning because of the lack of interoperability.
  11. The Government thinks they can do whatever they want, that is the scary thing.
  12. The Feds can't mandate the Vaccine though, that is a State thing. Just like Vaccinatins to go to schools are State regulated.
  13. Other examples of unequal regulations. The whole "Essential" business thing. How can one decide what is essential and what is not. How can a liquor store be open, but not a gym? How can a resturant be open, but not a bar? How can a beach or a park be closed, when it was outside? Why are Salons, Barbers, etc. closed but other similar businesses not? You have to stand 6 feet apart in line at a grocery store, yet the line beside of you in only 2 feet to the side? Does the virues not spread horizonatially? Closing business at 5, cant be open at night. Does the Virus spread more at night? These are examples of the unequal regualtions, along with many more that still boggles my mind.
  14. It doesn't matter about Hospital rates, the NFL rules states a COVID outbreak, not a COVID Hospitlization outbreak.
  15. No, I'm a Medic. This still doesn't answer the question why there is unequal regualtions. There has been since March 2020.
  16. This is what I do not get. I don't mind if the NFL makes players gets Vaxxed, its a private business they have that right. I have since the beginning of this whole Virus debacle calling out hypocricy and unequal rules. The NFL rule states "If there is a Covid outbreak due to Unvaccinated players, then teams forfeit the games if Quranatine is warranted"... Why dont they say " If there is a COVID outbreak, the team has to Qurantine and forfiet games" Why does the Vaccination status matter? The outbreak could be from a vaccinated player.. This is just unequal regulations.
  17. Arnold, Tremble and If it was up to Rhule ( Thompson).
  18. I dunno, I would have to do research on that.
  19. Ok, but was that just so they can't say he didn't cut players that had ties to him, sorta like a sacrafice type thing?
  20. this brings me to question, do you think that other players and players with Temple/Baylor ties know they are safe from getting cut from Rhule?
  21. It doesn't, just tryting to plead his case.
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