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  1. Yes!! Grier has a chance to stay now. He is a really good QB.. he has a Mayfield vibe too him
  2. True, I didn't think about the 10 day stretch, honestly though it was a 3 day. Sunday to Thursday.
  3. Sadly, this may be the last we see of JJ Jansen.
  4. do you think they will fly back home, or practice in Texas?
  5. Last 3 games are division games..that is cold...
  6. Why are people so down on Grier, he is a really good QB that just needs to be developed. My predictions.. we will have Darnold, Grier, and PJ as our QBs this year, with Stevens a maybe (he will be snatched up by the Saints if we cut him).
  7. Same. Most of the time I type things (especially in Tinder Box) that will surely stir up something. Playing Devils Advocate is fun.
  8. I dont know why everyone is upset we didnt get Fields. Last I looked on our roster we have Darnold, Walker, Stevens and the great Will Grier... why draft another QB, who is no better than who we already have? I would have maybe Drafted Lance... but the QB talent went Lance, Jones, Wilson and Lawrence... who we chose fills a gap and a need... I'm happy with it.
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