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  1. BTAC season may as well not exist down here. Comes and goes every year without me getting close to anything
  2. my guy. dressin' no "stuffing" up in here. there's a difference.
  3. you picked up anything good recently? over the last month i've gotten makers fae02, blue run high rye, knob 15, mwnd act 6 set up for the upcoming festivities
  4. pie for everything except stuffing. dressin' > stuffing
  5. sounds like you need to let that sister know she's no longer invited.
  6. says the guy making stuffing. dressin' > stuffing there's a difference
  7. To be fair, Booger and Steve Young have both proven more than a few times to be mouth breathing wastes of space
  8. Yeah. They destroyed us with the outside zone stretch. The blueprint is out on beating this defensive line.
  9. So could Gilmore but our idiotic staff didn’t opt for that
  10. “Sports science” ”analytics” ”world class doctors” hey Tepper can i have a 10 year coaching deal now
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