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  1. Yeah, Shi was really USC's only weapon, had atrocious QB play, and still balled out. He's got a lot of potential.
  2. This 100%. Most long term TBI is caused by these much more frequent small impacts, rather than the big ones. Hence why linemen and linebackers have the highest rates of TBI since they hit someone on almost every play.
  3. Lol wow the Baker vs Corral arguments have already started and we haven’t even gotten to camp
  4. Not jumping on any bandwagon until we get through this season. We’ve seen guys like Allen and Darnold catch fire and then fizzle out before the wagon even gets rolling. But this is the best case scenario I could have envisioned late last season. We didn’t sign another 3rd tier QB to a big contract, but instead got Baker for peanuts, didn’t trade up to draft one of the top QBs, drafted a top tackle in the first and a talented developmental QB in the 3rd. And shored up the OLine in free agency. I’m honestly excited for this season. Oh and Baker hates the color orange and the state of Ohio. So as a Gamecock alum living in Michigan, I approve greatly.
  5. Someone should make a reminder to revisit this thread in 2 years to see how it aged. Personally, I think we should take a LT if available and trade a late round pick to take Baker off the Browns hands. Or we trade back, gather some picks, and take advantage of the depth in this draft.
  6. I agree. If one of the top tackles is available, that'll be a tough pill to swallow
  7. Gotta say, from the clips I saw, the dude was throwing dimes.
  8. I’m not sure. I see where you are coming from, but it would take multiple first round picks to trade for a franchise altering QB. I think a solid starter would be well worth a top 10 pick tbh
  9. I've gotta jump in on this mess. 1. I don't want to draft Pickett at 6, but I'd gladly take him in the teens if we trade back. 2. I believe Pickett will have a Mac Jones type rookie year where he plays the best of all the rookie QBs 3. The hand size thing is hilarious to me. Who cares if he has small hands if he showed he can read a defense, make good decisions, and make accurate passes? I feel like the last few seasons should have hammered in that concept to our fanbase by now 4. The NFL ball and college ball are the same circumference. So it's hilarious that people are making the point that he's going to struggle throwing an NFL ball. - Pros: 11 to 11.25" length, 28" circumference - College: 10.5 to 11.5" length, 28" circumference 5. He's shown the ability to learn and improve while in college, so the fumbles can be avoided with proper two-hands on the ball technique while in the pocket. That is all.
  10. Easy answer is: You can’t fix both. Not sure about y’all, but I’m a little tired of trading picks / overpaying some 3rd tier QB. I’d be content with drafting a long term center and a guard, playing Brady at LT, move Erving to LG, and playing Deonte Brown at RG. If we could trade Robby Anderson for a 5th I’d do it just to save money as well. He showed his true colors this year and they are poopy brown. Now the part that’s hard to swallow. We gotta just roll with Darnold or Cam next year and save our first pick in 2023 to draft a QB or sign a big name free agent. There just isn’t anyone I’d get excited about drafting in this class and I certainly don’t want to trade more picks for Wilson. Maybe we could sign someone like Minshew to compete but won’t break the bank? Or just resign Cam and roll with it. Regardless, don’t expect to go to the playoffs. More of a long term plan of building a foundation to build the offense on.
  11. Just as a counter argument, this pretty much applies to Joe Burrow as well
  12. To people saying serviceable centers are easier to come by: true. But a great center can make a positive impact on the entire line. I’m all in on taking the Iowa center if he’s the guy he’s talked up to be, and then dropping like 4 picks on guards.
  13. I’m convinced Brown banged someone’s wife.
  14. I mean, it makes sense why the offense still sucks under Nixon calling plays. Seems like the whole offensive playbook blows. It’s like on Madden when you accidentally change the playbook to the Jaguars when you meant to use Run n Gun
  15. Honestly, Reddick started off on fire but really hasn’t done anything the last half of the year. I wouldn’t resign him if he’s wanting the contract we all suspect he wants. Jackson is gone. Gilmore seems happy being home so he will probably get like 7 mil per year contract which would be great. And Cam is still extremely valuable even if only used in short yardage. So I’d sign him if it’s reasonable. Outside of that, Gonzalez, Jones, Zylstra, Haynes, Burris, Luvu are the ones I would resign. Most of the rest are just roster fodder.
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