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  1. I don’t know all the facts, but I can imagine it stemmed from poor ownership and a coach/GM in over his head with responsibilities. A void in leadership probably surfaced and Jack took on more responsibility to help. All the media pieces I’ve seen are just looking for a juicy story and a villain. And Jack really is a remarkable story. Regardless, it’s a total poo show over there right now and the blame should probably go to the top.
  2. I worked for Jack briefly while I was a student at USC. I’ve said this before here, but he really is a great man and leader of men. He’s not this meddling little finger character that everyone is making him out to be. However, he definitely isn’t qualified to be a GM or make player personnel decisions, and he doesn’t want that responsibility. Just bad timing and situation with a dumpster fire of an organization.
  3. Imagine if Ginn caught those easy passes? He runs crisp routes and is fast as crap, he'd be a 1000 yard receiver probably with Cam
  4. I'd be all in if there is a clause that says Smith can't talk to anyone in the locker room. Trash talk it up on the field.
  5. Two things: I think it is hilarious how everyone on the Huddle has all of the sudden taken up favorites and say that they MUST be kept when probably a fraction have even attended training camp. On another note, ESPN's current depth chart is pretty awesome. Check out the weakside linebacker position hahahaha
  6. I honestly like the pick. Sure Winslow would have been the more glamorous pick, but I feel like he would die in our offense. If freaking Clifford will actually run a real offense where more than a handful of plays are designed for the PF, then I think Frank will shine. This also allows us to play Biz more in my opinion without losing the production/defense of having Marvin out there.
  7. ​Okay I see now he was out of the league last year. Also, how has Melvin White been doing? He showed some potential in 2013 but I think he lost a bit of confidence last year.
  8. ​Wow, so we are pretty much 2 deep at both cornerback spots with starters. I'll take it.
  9. Wait, who on earth is this Chris Houston guy? Did we recently sign him? Decent depth?
  10. I'm scared of how hard headed Rivera is with starting verterans no matter what. The question is, will Rivera pull Tillman when he starts playing poorly? We have seen this script before.
  11. No way. He lacks the vision and agility. Contrary to what some people are saying, he was given the chance to return kicks his sophomore year I believe but never panned out. He also was not much of a quick screen and make people miss guy. He won't be a return guy and isn't all that agile. He is a go route and post receiver who can make the occasional comeback route.
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