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  1. As a Gamecock, I can say that he was literally their only weapon last year, so he got a ton of usage similar to Curtis Samuel. But, he is a more refined WR than Samuel was coming out of college. The guy can ball and I’m excited to see what he can do.
  2. Please god sign Bonnafon. He can at least catch and looked good when he had his chances
  3. Taylor looked great. And the completions he gave up were just unbelievable plays (especially that Thielen TD). Now, Bouye got torched repeatedly. And we desperately need a FS cause Chandler is not cutting it
  4. Guys guys, he has PSLs, you are not worthy to argue with him
  5. Unfortunately Robbie is a Rhule guy, so I don’t see him benching him, which is extremely frustrating
  6. If I remember right, Robbie was a bit of a head case in NY. Seems like that might be coming back. Running lazy routes with low effort, dropping easy passes, and throwing temper tantrums.
  7. Ya know...I'd probably say Chud since the 2TE set worked so well with Smith on the outside (which obviously helps) and the running game was stout. BUT, I will say, as much as we all hated Mike Shula, I have no idea how we went 15-1 with that WR group. Ted "brick hands" Ginn, Jerricho "40 year old" Cotchery, Devin "no separation" Funchess, and Corey "no name" Brown. Granted, that was probably the best O-line we've had since the first superbowl run era so that definitely helped. Look, I'm NOT picking Shula, but I have to give credit for calling plays to get those guys open. Please don't hurt me
  8. Can't deny that he's had garbage flanking him on either side since he got here, but he is constantly getting destroyed 1 on 1. Ryan Kalil had all kinds of caliber guards around him during his career and never looked this lost/got beat this consistently as Paradis
  9. I love when people just start saying to swap O-line players all over the place like they are a set currency. It doesn't work that way. Moton looked WAY worse on the left than the right. And Erving has honestly been playing fine when he's on the field (probably 2nd best behind Moton). I would like to see Brady at LT at some point if Erving can't go though.
  10. Slater wouldn’t help that interior rush tho
  11. I think another aspect that people need to think about is how the plays are drawn up in terms of progressions. Our O-line is obvious dog poo so Sam needs to get the ball out quickly. And if your first read is an out route where Robby is literally jogging, well, that's not going to end up well with pressure. Now throw in the fact that we were running the same plays, a defense can easy add all this up coupled with film study and start jumping routes. It just feels like there's more than simply "Darnold sucks" and "O-line sucks". I think it's the sum of the parts that are all out of sync. Well, that's what they pay the coaches to fix.
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